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Specialist bags for the automotive industry

We equip cars – with certainty!

A car contains a lot of items that need to be packaged. Some automotive manufacturers fit their vehicles with equipment for the driver and vehicle right from the factory – be it for additional comfort or safety. Examples include pouches for vehicle documents and first aid kits. These specialist bags need to meet particular requirements in terms of weight, material reliability and practicality.

Special requirements for bags in cars

Does the first aid kit save space and weight? Does the log folder make efficient use of the recesses in the vehicle? These are questions that we at HALFAR® need to answer when conceptualising a bag for the automotive industry. Be it first aid kits, log folders or tyre repair kits, we make sure that all general and individual requirements are met, for example through:

  • precise model construction
  • adhering to the required dimension tolerances
  • reliable implementation in series production
  • on-schedule production
  • punctual delivery
  • checking emissions values and flammability
  • constant cost optimisation

Thanks to decades of experience, we know exactly what is important when it comes to applications in vehicle interiors. Put your faith in the well-founded expertise of our experts in specialist bags for vehicle equipment.

Examples for bags in the automotive industry

Our technical bags for the automotive sector are custom made for individual customer requests. Below we present a few prototype bag models that we have already implemented for our customers. To view them, see the images on the left.

1 // Zipped first aid bag

Compact first aid. This first aid bag made from premium quality nylon is a good example of how a car bag needs to adapt to the external situation – the first aid bag fits perfectly into a recess in the car, while of course still offering all the important and required content. The simple shape with a zip running around three sides allows quick and easy access when it is needed. Inside, all the first aid equipment is arranged clearly and packaged safely and hygienically. Not only can the user immediately see what he needs – he can also see at a glance what is missing when checking the kit.

2 // Hi-vis vest bags

There are a lot of bags in a vehicle. While the shape may look simple, the demands on the material are often complex, ranging from emissions values and flammability to weight. Even for the simplest of bags, like this one for hi-vis vests, there is a lot to consider. And it is not just the manufacturer who has requirements – the driver does too. He wants a bag to be easy to use – like this one which uses no unnecessary fastenings. On the other hand, the vest needs to be easy to find in a hurry – achieved through the striking colour and labelling.

3 // Car first aid bag as shoulder bag

Versatile first aid kit for when out and about – not only in the car. One of the most important criteria when conceptualising a first aid bag is ease of access, as well as protection for the content. In short, everything needs to be on hand in seconds. To achieve this, this bag offers an intelligent folding mechanism and a tidy interior. The Velcro flap opens all the way out, so the user can see all the first aid equipment at a glance, allowing him to react quickly. Thanks to a shoulder strap, this bag is easy to carry even on difficult terrain or longer journeys, leaving the hands free for other things.

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