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Wipe-clean bags for easy disinfection

Don’t give dirt and bacteria a chance

Sometimes it is the content, sometimes the environment that makes it necessary for a bag to be wipe-clean and easy to disinfect. These aspects are vital in deployment bags in particular. Bandages, medication and medical technology devices need to be packed hygienically. At the same time, the bag is exposed to external influences and needs to be easy to clean after use.

Tough requirements for the material

By their very nature, the requirements put on professional emergency and rescue bags are very high. The list of special features starts with the materials. They should have the following qualities:

  • wipe-clean and easy to disinfect
  • very hard-wearing
  • easily visible, reflective
  • low emissions
  • flame retardant
  • in line with laws and standards

Alongside these material features, there are other specific requirements for deployment bags. They need to guarantee perfect organisation of the life-saving rescue instruments and equipment, so that everything is in view and quickly to hand in an emergency. In addition, the bags and backpacks should be as comfortable as possible to carry, so that the paramedics and emergency doctors can move around unencumbered when deployed, despite the heavy load. Last but not least, a deployment bag needs to be able to protect the products it transports.

Over 30 years of experience for your individual deployment bag

Halfar System GmbH has been a leading provider of specialist and technical bags for over 30 years. Our experts always come into play when simple, off-the-peg bags are unable to meet specific individual requirements – be it for the emergency services or for many other application situations, for example as device bags, transport bags and functional bags.

The customer requirements often relate to the shape of the product or device to be packaged or to the particular usage location. Whatever the basis of your request, HALFAR®’s experience ranges from bags that provide the finishing touch to a product from a marketing point of view to bags with a practical or even life-saving purpose, such as emergency bags.

Individuality begins with development

The first step in creating a new bag is always sophisticated project management. This pursues the goal of bringing together what the customer wants, the product requirements and effective order processing. We quickly conceptualise the first prototypes as soon as we have gathered all the necessary information regarding the purpose of use, the type of use and the customer’s wishes in terms of design, materials and corporate design. The prototypes are produced entirely in house. Special requests, such as the possibility of wiping clean and disinfecting the bag, are taken into account in the material selection and bag construction at this stage. The prototype gives our customers a high level of reliability: this model can be used to reflect all the content discussed directly in the result, as well as giving them a tangible impression of how the bag will look. Final production only begins once the prototype has been approved.

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