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Electrical industry: efficient functional bags

A real functionary

Sometimes it is impossible to separate a device from its bag: they merge into a single functional product. But a bag can do more than just contribute to allowing electrical devices to be used conveniently and safely even under adverse conditions. One of the key roles of a functional bag is to protect the often valuable content, as well as organising various components, such as of the device and accessories, logically. In addition, the bag transports something very valuable alongside the device itself: the philosophy of a product or brand. The bag becomes the face and, literally, the image carrier of the brand.

HALFAR® as a leading manufacturer of functional bags

HALFAR® is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of device and functional bags. As well as specialist solutions for the electrical industry, we design and produce premium-quality bags for almost every sector – from the automotive industry to medical device manufacturers and even emergency services such as paramedics and the fire service. The pictures on the left show a few examples of bags that we have already implemented for our customers.

1 // Bag for mobile data entry devices

Thanks to this ingenious bag, there is almost no need to ever unpack the device. The separate front flap provides protection while also allowing a look at the film-protected display and free access to the keyboard. With openings for network and data cables. Ports can be easily added to the device even without unpacking it. Those who prefer to carry the device with a hand loop or shoulder strap can attach one using the D rings for a separate carrying strap.

2 // Holster for mobile data entry device

Big flap, lots behind it. Two separate Velcro straps give this device bag its high level of functionality. The shape of the bag is adapted precisely to the device. Padding provides added protection.

3 // Device bag for the protection and transportation of sensitive measuring technology

Well protected from the outside thanks to robust truck tarpaulin; cleverly organised on the inside. The flexible interior dividers can be easily adapted to different device sizes and accessory parts using Velcro, so that nothing can rattle or slip out of place. Thanks to the removable accessory bags, everything has its own space. And the rubber handle makes the bag literally easy to handle – it sits nicely in the hand without slipping around. Putting the bag down for a minute? The ground anchors make sure it stands firm.

Would you like to see more ideas and examples for specialist bags for the electrical industry? Call us – we will show you what we have implemented before and our ideas for your company.

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