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Medical technology: convenient device bags

We make medicine mobile – safely and discreetly

Medicine is becoming more mobile all the time. Devices are becoming smaller, lighter and more portable. For example, developments in medical technology have even allowed some aspects of medical care and monitoring to take place while out and about. This represents progress for patients’ quality of life and a new challenge for manufacturers of medical technology devices.

Protection plus user-friendliness

In order to allow the often sensitive and valuable devices to be transported and safeguard their function, an appropriate functional bag is needed. HALFAR® has already developed many individual bags and straps for medical technology and always sets great store by one thing in particular: a discreet and contemporary look that allows the patient to take essential devices wherever they go without attracting attention. After all, this aspect of user-friendliness is also part of a bag’s functionality. This is part of the reason why, for many years, Halfar System GmbH has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the conception and production of specialist bags for medical technology. In the images on the left you will see a small selection of solutions that we have developed for our customers in the past.

1 // Device bag with film window

This bag was developed for a medical device that monitors vital functions. Thanks to the transparent film window, the key values are always on show and the device can be operated without removing it from the bag. The bag’s padding provides excellent protection for the device, so that it always remains functional. For the greatest possible flexibility, the monitor bag can also be easily carried using a shoulder strap or handle. Connections can even be made to the packaged device via openings for network and data cables.

2 // Trolley for oxygen generator

Mobile despite a handicap: the trolley transports a complete oxygen unit easily and conveniently, for a reliable oxygen supply when out and about. In the padded bag, everything is perfectly protected and fully functioning. The ventilation eyelets are an ingenious addition. Low-friction wheels make transportation even safer and more convenient.

3 // Case for blood sugar measuring device

Peace of mind for diabetics – an essential device, discreetly packaged. This compact case contains everything diabetes patients need to measure their blood sugar. Handling is very easy thanks to the innovative clip loop.

From rescue bag specialists to medical technology experts

After starting out as a specialist for emergency and rescue bags, our next goal was to expand our competence in specialist medical bags. Building on our expertise in emergency bags, we familiarised ourselves with the areas of use and particular features of the job. After all, the requirements in these fields are very similar: the key is always to provide medical care immediately and reliably. The focus is on transporting the devices safely and without damage, and using them quickly and without problems.

Energy supply and accessories included

For electrical and electronic devices in particular, the challenge is to take all sockets, batteries and cables into account in the construction. These need to be integrated in such a way that a mobile electricity supply is possible without disturbing the user. The transportation of very sensitive devices is also a key area. The bag is often much less valuable than the specialist device it carries, but it is only a proper, carefully-considered bag that guarantees that the device will function properly. As a specialist in medical device bags, we have already worked on many demanding projects in the field of functional bags for medical technology. We look forward to getting to know new tasks and requirement areas!

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