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6 affiliates under 1 umbrella at JCK Holding

HALFAR® is one of a total of six promotional items companies in the JCK Holding GmbH Textil KG. Under the umbrella brand of this globally-active management and holding company, the affiliate companies responsibly and constructively work together, each in their own specialised areas, which range from ecologically-certified soft toys to professional clothing, umbrellas as promotional items, advertising porcelain and promotional textiles, right up to HALFAR® Bags. The inspection and approval company LABTECH, an independent and autonomous laboratory, is also included in the portfolio of the Holding. Besides the companies which produce promotional items, JCK also holds shares in the branches of clothing, sport and outdoor products, decorative and gift items and medical devices. The six promotional items affiliates of HALFAR® in the Holding are presented here in brief.

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JCK Holding GmbH Textil KG daiber® (Gustav Daiber GmbH) FARE® (Guenther Fassbender GmbH) HALFAR® (Halfar System GmbH) Karlowsky® (Karlowsky Fashion GmbH) mbw Vertriebsges. mbH SND PorzellanManufaktur GmbH
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