red dot design award 2008 for the bandee:®

red dot design award 2008

bandee:® won the red dot for excellent design

It's not a backpack. It's not a shoulder bag. Simply bandee:®. The product concept for the mobile phone pocket from Berlin cannot be pigeon-holed. It is simple and innovative. One of the reasons why the designer duo Tobias Breyer and Dieter Guldin won the "red dot for high design quality" in 2008 for their trend product bandee. In doing so, the stylish sash bandee:® was already picking up its third award. In 2007 it received the coveted ispo brand new award, and at the beginning of 2008 the Promotional Gift Award.

Here at Halfar® we were thrilled to be able to produce and sell such a highly decorated trend product as the bandee:®.

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