15 Years Cooperation HALFAFR - Werkhaus Bielefeld

Cooperation with the Werkhaus Bielefeld

15-years of cooperation between HALFAR® and the Werkhaus Bielefeld

15 years ago HALFAR® started a cooperation with the Werkhaus GmbH, an organization by the Counselling of Bielefeld (Lebenshilfe Bielefeld). It is a cooperation that proves that disabled people are productive, too, and that they are able to fulfil high quality standards.

In November 2012, the Werkhaus GmbH founded the screen print company prosigno. Nowadays, 16 employees are working here, of whom seven are disabled. With an area of 700 square meters, the company is situated at the HALFAR® site and so the epmloyees are working together with HALFAR®‘s employees.

Now HALFAR® has been certified by the Werkhaus GmbH for the long-lasting cooperation.

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