Promotional Gift Award 2007 for the TyreBag

2007 Promotional Gift Award

TyreBag: Bags with a profile

HALFAR® produces promotional bags from original tyres from the bicycle tyre manufacturer Schwalbe. The tyres used to create the bags come from the production line of the tyre specialists. They don't reach retail due to failing the quality control checks. They used to just be laid up. The idea: To use these tyres in a different way. The promotional bags specialists from Bielefeld created an impressive product from the material together with other materials from the transport sector, such as tarpaulin. With the award of the 2007 Promotional Gift Award, the prototype of the bag, which is marketed under the internal product name TyreBag, was presented with a bronze medal in the Special Edition category. Besides the appropriate option of making use of the decommissioned tyres, an innovative product has been created, which is to be sold by Schwalbe in the future.

The Promotional Gift Award distinguishes promotional items that are seen to be especially modern, very communicative products. More information on

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