New Work at Halfar - The new co-working area

„New Work“ at Halfar – The Future Today

On Friday, 22/02/2019, everything at Halfar was aligned to the motto of “New Work”. Following a few years of vacancy, the new working area space was inaugurated in our building’s 3rd construction phase. We have succeeded at creating a state-of-the-art working area that is ahead of the times.

New Work at Halfar - The new co-working area

But what does “New Work” actually mean?

In the present day and age many things are in flux. This also holds true for our work. A desk, swivel chair and office used to be typical in the past. Today, work is done wherever we feel like it. We are seeing a trend toward greater independence and responsibility, as well as more flexible working hours and workplaces. Your boss is no longer merely your superior; much rather, he or she is like a supportive coach. Here at Halfar, we have understood this, and we are already setting our sights on the future today.

This is why we need new concepts. In cooperation with our architects, a highly-innovative office surface has been developed and realised. With its open-plan design, it epitomises transparency, rapid information exchange and agile working.

Since noise is a major issue in modern and open-plan office landscapes, we focussed our attention on reducing noise and selected the flooring, ceilings and walls accordingly, so as to support this objective.

Communication alongside digitalisation

Direct communication is becoming increasingly more important in times of digitalisation. This is facilitated with large open spaces with only a few walls. Since some tasks require particular concentration, lounges or small rooms are available for working in quiet and without any disruptions. As is already the case at all other workplaces with seated activities, we only use height-adjustable desks and ergonomically-designed chairs in the new offices. Today, meetings are no longer hosted in the classic, seated conference room format, but at the sideboard, while standing in a modern room, or even while taking a walk. Therefore, we believe New Work to mean being connected and working intelligently within a group.


Benefits for All!

At the end of the day, all these innovative ideas benefit not only the employees but also the customer. Thanks to improved and, most importantly, accelerated communication between the graphic design, product design, product management, marketing and e-commerce departments, our customers benefit from more rapid capturing of their wishes with the new development of products and services.

We at Halfar are convinced that this has successfully opened the door to the changing working world, and we believe this will motivate us even further to continuously improve both ourselves and our products for our customers.

Halfar Jahres-Rückblick 2018

HALFAR® Annual Report 2018 – We look back!

Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

We can look back on a colourful and busy year 2018, which was fully dedicated to our joint, sustainable work for the HALFAR® brand. Together, with determination and know-how, we also turned 2018 into a successful, “strong” HALFAR® year!

Therefore, we particularly thank our customers, partner businesses and of course our colleagues for their trust, confidence and commitment. Neither do we want to miss the opportunity this year to both summarise the year with some numbers, and to remember some of the highlights:

HALFAR® 2018 in Numbers

(and more) good reasons to celebrate

We were able to enjoy another first Place at the PSI Sustainability Award once again this year. Many thanks!

We were especially pleased about being awarded the CSR Prize OWL, which aims to make the social commitment of businesses better known in the local area, as well as to promote further sustainable economic commitment. We are convinced that a sustainable way to conduct business needs a broad foundation and a large lobby. Therefore, many thanks to all who change their thinking, join in and make an effort!

We also want to explicitly thank our partner prosigno®. In 2018 we were able to celebrate together with you 5 years of successful collaboration. We are looking forward to many more successful years!


Our junior staff

With more than 100 employees, HALFAR® has a strong team. And in order for this to continue, we currently are training 13 young people in 5 professions. From media designer to specialist in warehouse logistics, wholesale merchant and export trader, industrial manager to textile operator, we teach our youngsters their profession from scratch.

We therefore congratulate our 5 successful graduates most sincerely, as they were able to conclude their training very successfully in 2018. We are proud of you!

Once again we give a warm welcome our four new trainees, who started their training with enthusiasm in August. Together with you, we started our “family bagground day”. In future on this day, our prospective apprentices, together with their parents, will be able to be introduced to our company even before their training starts.

Also in 2018, our cooperation with Gerry Weber started to train textile and fashion tailors. Young technicians from both companies now have the opportunity to learn about internal company manufacturing processes as well as those of the partner company.

And also quite a lot has happened as far as the little ones are concerned: 3 “company babies” were welcomed to the world this year.

All the best to the young parents – we are happy for you!


For the sake of completeness, the certifications gained this year should also be mentioned:

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management)Re-certification
ISO 14001:2015New certification
For the 3rd time, ÖKOPROFIT®Re-certification

Sincere thanks to all colleagues for your engagement; for further background and the reasons behind it all, we refer here to our second sustainability report, which was published in May 2018.


The new ones in the promotional bags range

We also look back at an eventful year as far as product innovations are concerned.

30 innovations introduced at the PSI scored points because of their natural materials such as soft Jersey, robust canvas or sustainable organic cotton as well as their anti-theft compartments or options for combination use. The year got into full gear with the premiere of further product lines midyear. 12 new models were the starting point for our autumn-winter collections, which will be an annual event.

We were able provide a sneak preview of the year 2019 at the WELCOME HOME, for during which we received many guests in Bielefeld once again this year. We are always very happy about the great interest shown in our work and in us!

Apart from all these measurable factors, there are a few emotional highlights of the year, which we should remember:

HALFAR® 2018 enthusiasm

Our team not only works well together, the team spirit does not rest outside the office either. Whether watching football together, climbing or swimming, our colleagues deploy their talents for the sake of the community. In order to strengthen and support this, HALFAR® has been participating in talee since April. Our environment is also characterised by active people who make an effort. For example, a committed group of visitors, which has been supporting children suffering from cancer for many years, made a stop at our company in the course of the “Happiness Tour”.

Our gallery of pictures is also growing ever more in the in BLOG column “HALFAR® around the world – bags on tour”. We are happy about the enthusiasm with which colleagues and customers are sending photographs of HALFAR® bags from around the world and allowing us to participate in their journeys! Our trip together to Leipzig will also remain one of the best memories. Joined by FARE – our sister company – we celebrated the crowning conclusion to an exciting year.

Even though not all events of this intensive year can be mentioned here, we want to express our most sincere thanks for every contribution once again!

We wish you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year.

Together, let us look forward to a new, strong HALFAR® – year 2019!

With this in mind: Christmas Greetings from Bielefeld,

Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar & Armin Halfar