HALFAR® is growing – our new logistics centre

After just ten months, we will complete the construction work on our new satellite warehouse in August. The hall, located only seven kilometres from our headquarters in Oldentrup and with a surface area of 7,100m² will become our new logistics centre. In the future, all shipping processes for pallet goods that used to be carried out at the headquarters, at service providers and in rented warehouses in the surrounding area, will be centralised here. Since it was no longer possible to expand the company headquarters in Bielefeld Oldentrup, the Altenhagen location provided a good alternative. Apart from this, with the optimal location, the new building ensures a permanent supply availability with higher stock levels and a growing product range.


Storage of the future

The new 7100 m² warehouse offers cutting edge technology. Semi-autonomous forklift trucks are used for the 11,300 pallet spaces in the narrow aisle warehouse. They get the necessary information on their destination via high-speed Wi-Fi. What’s more, eight loading ramps for trucks rule out waiting times for the drivers. The drivers’ comfort is also ensured by a lounge area and showers.

Regional Partners

To the largest extent, the warehouse construction in Bielefeld Altenhagen was done by regional craft businesses. Goldbeck built the hall in cooperation with Eda Saygili, the architect and site manager. Apart from this, the company cooperated with Bielefeld municipality and Interkomm OWL to accelerate the planning process. Another advantage of the location is that the forwarding agency is not far away. Cutting this distance reduces CO2 emissions considerably.

Large hall – low energy consumption

The new logistics centre in Bielefeld Altenhagen is dedicated to effectiveness and sustainability. The existing space is optimally used by installing a narrow aisle warehouse. In cooperation with Bielefeld municipality, we operate a 70 kWh photovoltaic system on the roof area for decentralised power supply. The electricity generated is used directly in the building or stored in batteries. This way, our electric car perfectly suited for trips between the company headquarters and the logistics centre. The building insulation is also particularly efficient and 20% higher than required under building law. Additional energy-saving measures include LED luminaires connected to presence detectors and an ecogas heating system.

Rough pasture for nature

To counterbalance the land consumption to the greatest possible extent, we will be planting indigenous bushes and shrubs on the open spaces that exceed the government-required greening surfaces. We will also be supplementing these surfaces with important, insect-friendly small structures such as piles of dead wood and stone. The site will have two areas that are laid out as rough pastures for nature, providing valuable habitats for rare plants and insects. We will report on this as soon as the first inhabitants move in!

The first products will be in stock in September. We’ll keep you posted!

HALFAR® How to: How do you fold the SKY bags correctly?

Our new SKY Series has been available for a few months and has been enjoying great popularity. This doesn’t just happen by chance. The modern design in combination with particularly beautiful colours turns the bags of this range into eye catchers. And their highlights, such as the folding functions, make them into practical helpers in everyday life. As we have received many questions regarding how to fold these bags correctly, we simply shot a video tutorial for you.

Here we go!

Step 1

Spread the bag out in front of you. Roll the inner bag up to the left and put it on the outside. The folded bag will later disappear into this inner bag.

Step 2

Now close the bag and fold the sides into the middle.

Step 3

Then fold the bag towards the inner bag and stow it inside it. Now just close the zipper of the inner bag.

Step 4

Put the folded bag in your suitcase and off you go on holiday!

Now nothing will get in the way of your holiday at the seaside. We hope that we were able to help you with these instructions and wish you lots of fun with our bags from the SKY range!

Further info about luggage

Are you looking for other bags you can use as hand luggage on a flight? Then our comprehensive list will help you. Just download it, compare the permitted airline dimensions with the measurements of the desired bag and order the bag for yourself and your customers directly from the Online Shop.

Download HALFAR®’s on-board luggage list here:

3 times WOW – Why the DIAMOND backpack is so exciting

Surely you already know the DIAMOND, don’t you? After all, the newcomer to the range scooped up a prize right at the beginning of the year: The Promotional Gift Award in the “Communicative Product” category. According to the jury, it is particularly suitable for addressing and conveying company objectives, advertising messages and marketing content. Or to put it more simply: this backpack ensures a threefold WOW!


Why? We have summarised it for you here! And so that you can also pass it onto your customers directly, we have prepared a flyer about the DIAMOND as a PDF. Simply download it!

Send this PDF with a link to the HALFAR® shop directly to your customers. Or…

Individualize the flyer with your retailer address or insert your logo and send it to your customers.

WOW 1: All-over printing

Strictly speaking, the DIAMOND does not just have spaces for advertising – it is a single advertising billboard. After all, it is printed at the front and at the back, totally covering the entire surface. No front pockets or similar are there to distract and motifs come very boldly into their own. Use it for your advertising slogan. As a made to order business, we are happy to undertake this all-over printing for you. But we also offer something very special from stock: the DIAMOND comes with a pre-printed diamond pattern. This gives it a very sculptured and innovative character.

Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - with all-over print

WOW 2: Wearable on both sides

On the front? On the back? It doesn’t matter! You can wear the DIAMOND both ways. It is cut in such a way that the back can also be a front – and vice-versa. This special feature opens up entirely new decoration options, as this backpack communicates on both sides: it can tell stories, it can adjust to the wearer’s mood and desire with a subtle and a high-profile advertising side, it can combine two favourite colours or even join two advertising partners … just doubly good.

WOW - Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - bothsides wearable

Apart from that, it not only looks good, but is also very practical:

  • 12 litre volume
  • fits A4 size items
  • practical, side zipper pocket
  • wide, length adjustable straps
  • soft, foldable, robust, durable
  • PVC-free
  • alternative to plastic bags, sustainably produced

WOW 3: Directly from stock

Ready-made. We have the DIAMOND as an in-stock bag. Elegant: as a stock item you get the DIAMOND with the fascinating, structured diamond pattern, which is reminiscent of a diamond cut. It is available in black, red, light grey or blue.

WOW - Backpack DIAMOND by HALFAR® - prompt delivery

You can order it directly in the online shop – in larger quantities too. In case of any questions, your contact person for promotional bags will be happy to help you!

Now launched! The new HALFAR® shop

Today, it is not just the originality and the quality of a product, but also its performance and availability in the digital world that is crucial for its success. We at HALFAR® realise this too and therefore launched our new HALFAR® Shop a few weeks ago, including a completely new Homepage. Both have proved impressive from day one. But what exactly is so new and exciting? You will find out in the following blog post.

A design that impresses!

It was especially important to us to create a design for the new homepage and its integrated shops which would be as modern and at the same time as practical as possible. And we definitely succeeded in this. All articles not only now show their best side, but are also presented from all optimum angles. Moreover, the entire layout of the Shop is very tidy and does not stress the user when surfing.

The new HALFAR® shop - optimised for all types of devices

Optimised for mobile devices

Because at least as many people now surf the Internet via mobile devices as those using computers, we have optimised our homepage and the shop for all types of mobile end devices. This makes staying on the page as enjoyable as possible for our customers, irrespective of whether you are working on a Smartphone or computer. Together with our IT specialists, we have also created a page which allows you to reach your desired article or the desired page in as few clicks as possible. This saves you lots of time and you can quickly find anything.

The new HALFAR® shop - optimised for mobile devices

From now on you can also visit the HALFAR® website and our shop using your smartphone.

New shop functions for a better surfing experience

To ensure that the new homepage and the shop not just look good, some functions are also needed – obviously – to  make the surfing experience easier. Here, too, we allowed our entire experience to be integrated in order to provide those very functions, which help you move forwards. One of these features, for example, is the filter option to find specific bag properties. With this, visitors to the page can very simply find the properties they require in their searched product and therefore look for it quickly in a targeted way. Is your customer looking for a foldable bag, for example? Then you can activate this criterium in the field for special properties and get an overview of the available bags.

Moreover, the “Product Series” shows articles from the same series, which might also be of interest to the visitor. The function “Bestseller” gives an overview of products which currently enjoy great popularity and might also be of interest to you.

You can also download a complete data sheet with all the important information on the product your customer is interested in and to take it to your appointment with the customer, for instance.

All-round success!

All these aspects make our new homepage and the new shop a successful project. After only a few weeks, the many positive responses so far show us this. Naturally, we at HALFAR® are very proud to see that our intensive project hits the mark exactly. It is another step in the right direction: the future!

You don’t have a login to our shop yet? If so, you can request it via our registration form.

For any further questions, our promotional bags team is happy to help you any time. And now we wish you lots of fun exploring the new HALFAR® Online World!

Stay cool with cool bags by HALFAR®

“Stay cool!” – Cool bags by HALFAR®

Stay cool with cool bags by HALFAR®

The cold season says goodbye and summer is coming. Soon we will again hear the sentence: “Let’s eat outside today, the weather is so great!” At HALFAR®, we have developed exactly the right cool bag for any situation. Our aim was and is to perfectly combine design and functionality. The following article will tell you what it is that makes HALFAR® cool bags so special.

A design, that is never boring

At HALFAR® we know that in today’s world, design is just as important as innovation and functionality. Our designers have managed to pack the cool bag functions so appealingly that no one thinks of promotional bags at first glance. High quality materials, such as aluminium for example, but also hardwearing substances such as polyester, give the bags a sophisticated look. Intelligently attached side pockets also ensure that nothing will be lost – guaranteed!

Cool basket by HALFAR®


Advertising success guaranteed!

As our bags serve promotional purposes, advertising must not be neglected. Therefore, all cool bags offer lots of space for all kinds of logos and allow fantastic colour co-ordinations, meaning there is no limit to creativity. Various options for decoration also contribute – such as screen-printing or embroidery. Or maybe you will choose a high-quality metal emblem? One thing is for sure, however: advertising is always at the forefront and makes each bag an individual piece! Attention is pre-programmed.

A clear conscience is free!

One of our most important principles is the sustainability of our products. This aspect is particularly important for products that come in contact with food. For this reason, more than half of our cool bags can adorn themselves with the “PVC free” seal. However, a sustainable product must also be durable and hardwearing. Our bags easily last many years due to their tough materials. Of course, food can also be stored in our cool bags without any worries. The “food grade” certification provides the confirmation. Each of our cool bags is equipped with a cold insulating coating inside, which makes sure that the contents stay cool and fresh for a long time. Nothing can stop you now from spending a long day outdoors!


The perfect companion

Each of our cool bags is special in its own way. But there is one thing they all have in common: their functionality. Whether you’re out shopping for frozen pizzas or on your bike with a six-pack of cold drinks, we always have the right design!

Stay cool with HALFAR®'s cool bag FAMILY XL


Premiere: Autumn-winter novelties 2018/2019

This summer we are proud to present a real premiere to you: as of now, a new range of HALFAR® products not only awaits for PSI, but already in summer. Now you can look forward to our new promotional bags twice a year.

Premiere: Neuheiten im Sommer bei HALFAR® / Premiere: Novelties by HALFAR® in the middle of the year

Fine structures, exciting shapes and strong functions put you in the mood for new promotional stories. And we have planned in series to increase the excitement even more. Colour can’t be missing either… but take a look for yourself:

ELEGANCE – Elegant and urban city trips

With ELEGANCE, you will find a new, modern series from HALFAR®, which offers a huge selection, from small accessories to large travel bags. Their fine mélange fabric and the muted colours set the perfect stage for all logos and, thanks to many well thought out details, the bags are designed to suit many different target groups. In this series you will find a case and a zipper bag in which lots of little necessities can be stored and transported. But both can also be used well as gift packaging.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Reißverschlusstasche ELEGANCE / HALFAR® Novelties summer 2018: zipper bag ELEGANCE

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Etui ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: case ELEGANCE

We have also continued to pursue the small-large concept and have designed two new models, which are available in a small and larger format. One example is the ELEGANCE backpack in size S and M. Whilst the S size is suitable for women and girls, and picks up on current trends, the M size can be used as the equivalent for males. Of course both backpacks can be used by the other gender.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Rucksack ELEGANCE M / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: backpack ELEGANCE M

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Rucksack ELEGANCE S / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: backpack ELEGANCE S


The shoulder bag and travel bag ELEGANCE are another duo. At first glance, they only differ in terms of size. But if you take a closer look, you will find several features with which both play to their individual advantages. The shoulder bag with its storage space, which can easily accommodate two large A4 folders, can also be used as a flying companion. After all, it has an attachment loop for trolleys and the dimensions are approved by most airlines. The travel bag, the larger version of the shoulder bag, offers much more space. Its five base feet protect it against dirt and the main compartment holds everything you need for your upcoming travels. Both bags mean you will be perfectly equipped for a short holiday or the next business trip.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Umhängetasche ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: shoulder bag ELEGANCE

HALFAR Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Sport-/Reisetasche ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: Sports/travel bag ELEGANCE


The ELEGANCE series is completed by a practical urban shopper, which can be varied in size by the side press studs. A modern cross bag, which is perfect as a men’s bag and offers protection to technical equipment, from mobile phone to tablet. There is also a duffle bag in the trendy kit bag format, which can be comfortably carried like a backpack.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Shopper ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: shopper ELEGANCE

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: CrossBag ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: cross bag ELEGANCE

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Matchsack ELEGANCE / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: duffle bag ELEGANCE


With such a wide range, we are certain that we will have the right bag for everyone.

STORM – Sporty, technical, dynamic

If anyone’s thinking they have already seen the STORM in the HALFAR® range, then they are right. The striking backpack in our range of new products already impressed people at the PSI. And now we are delighted to be able to introduce the entire STORM family. Alongside the backpack, you will now also find a shoulder bag and a sport/travel bag in our range. The special thing about the STORM models are the well thought out functions, such as the turned zips and the roll closure, but also the practical lashing straps on the sides. These features and the sturdy material give the series a sporty, modern and technical look. The technical look is supported by the four available colours.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Sport-/Reisetasche STORM / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: sports/travel bag STORM

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Umhängetasche STORM / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: shoulder bag STORM

To be brief: The STORM brings a fresh new breeze to everyday life and is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Shoulder bag KURIER – revival of the HALFAR® classic

The popular classic known by everyone, the promotional bag KURIER, has been updated and now we are able to present, rather proudly, the revival of a real HALFAR® classic!

With a new, stronger material, a young tone-in-tone design, the padded back and in eight modern colours, the KURIER has been impressively rejuvenated. The large print area on the flap still offers plenty of space for company logos or bold messages. And inside, the bag impresses with practical organizer features and a flat insert pocket.

HALFAR® Neuheiten Sommer 2018: Promotiontasche KURIER / HALFAR® novelties summer 2018: promotional bag KURIER

The new KURIER therefore makes a practical companion and one of the most price and fashion-conscious shoulder bags in our range.

And now we hope that you like the new products as much as we do, and we look forward to your feedback. Of course there will be further novelties in time for the PSI, just like every year. As always, the team for promotional bags is pleased to help you with any questions about individual products.

Now NEW: PDF download of all discounted bags

If you have up to now had to hunt for discounted promotion bags by HALFAR® for your customers, you can now have them clearly shown to you in our bag finder with just one click of the mouse. As of now, things are so much simpler using our service offer: you can now conveniently download our reduced items in a PDF overview.

In this way, you retain an up to date overview over all price-reduced items

As of now, you can find a reference in the HALFAR® bag finder on the overview of the price-reduced items in PDF format in the left-hand navigation area. Just click on this reference to automatically generate a PDF, which contains all important data and information on the reduced items currently available.
Here all reduced items are presented, with the cheaper price and the colours still available. In this way, you don’t lose the overview, and can make your customers a direct offer. We have another tip for you regarding further details on the individual items.

PDF overview discounted bags Simply click on the orange field and the PDF overview, which shows the discounted bags, will open.

PDF with all discounted bags

Here all reduced items are presented, with the cheaper price and the colours still available. In this way, you don’t lose the overview, and can make your customers a direct offer. We have another tip for you regarding further details on the individual items.

Information and data sheets in PDF form on the individual items

If you or your customer are interested in a certain reduced item, you can obtain further information on it in the bag finder as well – both in digital form and in PDF format. For this purpose, simply select the required item and click at the bottom on the Download button. There, in addition to the most important item data, the current available stocks of the individual colours are shown.

example for a data sheet in HALFAR's bag finder

example for a data sheet of a discounted bag

What you should know about discounted bags

Naturally, our price-reduced bags accord with the same quality requirements as the current HALFAR® promotional bag series. We also guarantee our 3-year warranty for our discounted bags. You can find further information on price-reduced bags in our Wiki.
And should you have any further questions on price-reduced bags, our Team for promotional bags is available for you by telephone or mail.

Data atlas – optimum decoration with the right file format

Imagine the following scenario: Your customer, “Botanical 32” is looking for a bag for the next trade fair. He has decided on the notebook bag SOLUTION from HALFAR® and wants to print his logo on the bag, as shown below.

A bag, which should be decorated with a silkscreen print and embroidery… no problem with the right print data.

A bag, which should be decorated with a silkscreen print and embroidery… no problem with the right print data.

The logo should be made from silkscreen printing and embroidery. Both decoration possibilities are possible for this bag. Which file format do you need for your customer’s logo? Is a JPEG file or PDF enough? And which colours can be realised with silkscreen printing or embroidery? Why search around the Internet for the answers to these questions: Our data atlas helps you straight away.

The data atlas – recommended by Doc Logo

The data atlas from HALFAR® answers all of your questions about decoration. With the layout of an encyclopaedia, our Doc Logo explains all decoration possibilities that HALFAR® offers in a few sentences. How does sublimation print work, for example, or how is a bag embossed? Doc Logo shows you the necessary specifications that our graphics department needs for every decoration method e.g. to produce a visualisation for you and your customers. You will also find further special information for graphic engineers, e.g. the line thickness and font height or whether fonts and graphics need to be set up as vectors.

Our Doc Logo explains all decoration possibilities to you in the data atlas.

Our Doc Logo explains all decoration possibilities to you in the data atlas.

Download the data atlas in PDF format and save it to a PC or print it out as a working document. This means you will always have all the important information and tips involving decoration available and can always access it quickly.

Are you still unsure which format is the right one or which decoration is best for the bag or backpack selected by your customer in the individual case? No problem: Our promotional bags team would be pleased to assist and is available to you to give you help and advice.

On holiday with hand luggage

On holiday with HALFAR® bags

On holiday with HALFAR® bags

Summer has arrived and lots of people are going on holiday. Whether it’s a short weekend break in Barcelona, a family holiday in Italy or a long-haul trip to Asia, increasing numbers of people are travelling by airplane. Weekend breaks are becoming more and more popular amongst travellers because many airlines now offer their passengers the opportunity to travel without checking in luggage, and only with hand luggage.

However, travellers who only take hand luggage have to stick to the luggage sizes and weights stipulated by the different airlines. The sizes of the various airlines do not generally differ too much. The governing body of airlines, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), recommends a standard size for hand luggage of 55 x 35 x 20 cm (HxWxD) to its members (more than 200 airlines worldwide).

Hand luggage taken on board is allowed to be 55 x 35 x 20 cm (H/W/D) according to the IATA recommendation.

Hand luggage taken on board is allowed to be 55 x 35 x 20 cm (H/W/D) according to the IATA recommendation.

There are no precise guides for the authorised weight because it varies greatly from airline to airline. Most are between 5-12 kg. Anyone who wants to be certain should contact their airline before travelling. Extra costs can otherwise be incurred, because the low-cost airlines especially demand high fees for oversize and heavy hand luggage, which you usually cannot work out in advance.

Hand luggage bags from HALFAR®

Because travellers have such a wide choice when looking for a suitable piece of hand luggage, HALFAR® is pleased to help make your work easier when advising customers. Our list helps you compare the IATA recommendation and the dimensions of HALFAR® bags. In the following list, we compare the sizes of our bags with the IATA recommendation to offer you infomation on whether the product is suitable as hand luggage. Please note that these dimensions correspond with a fully packed bag. This means that several products can still meet the airline’s dimensions if they are not quite filled up, due to the flexible material. Therefore, refer to the pictures in our table as well as the dimensions.

All of the products from the HALFAR® catalogue 2018 are shown in the list with a picture of the item, its number, name, width, height and depth. An extra column also shows whether the listed bag is suitable or unsuitable as hand luggage. This means you can recognise at a glance whether you can recommend the HALFAR® bag as hand luggage for their next trip.



Good to know…

Not only the luggage size and weight is checked at the airport. At the security check, luggage is inspected for dangerous objects – especially hand luggage. Here are some good tips for future travel preparations:

Carrying liquids

When carrying liquids, remember that liquids can only be carried in bottles, tubes or pots with less than 100 ml of liquid inside. These must be additionally packed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum of 1 litre in total. The exceptions are important medication that needs to be taken during the flight or baby food. In this case, more can usually be carried and it must not be in a plastic bag.

Carrying sharp objects

When travelling with hand luggage, make sure that no sharp objects such as nail scissors, nail files or pocket knives are in the luggage. Carrying these objects is prohibited.

Prohibited objects in hand luggage

Prohibited objects in hand luggage

Permitted objects in hand luggage

Permitted objects in hand luggage

Only allowed or recommended in hand luggage

Alongside objects that do not belong in the hand luggage, there are some that are allowed to be transported in the hand luggage. These particularly include lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones, laptops and cameras and E-cigarettes.

Technical equipment should always be stored in the hand luggage so they do not get lost. Occasionally checked-in luggage ends up in a different place and only arrives several days later. It is therefore advisable to always store personal items such as passports, important documents and keys in the hand luggage.

Now you just need to choose the right bag, follow the advice and off you go! Wherever your travels take you; we wish you a relaxing and care-free holiday. 😉