Interview with a warehouse employee

Interview with a warehouse employee

In our interview series, we have already presented you our trainees. Now we want to start a new series, in which we will be presenting some and tell you what they are doing. Our first interview partner is Henryk. He is working in logistics and now tells us about his work at Halfar.

Interview with a warehouse employee

When did you start at Halfar?

I have been working at Halfar for four and a half years. During the first two and a half years, I did an apprenticeship in the logistics.

Why have you decided for logistics?

After my vocational baccalaureate, I took a detour to the logistics department. During several part-time jobs I have found that organizational planning and practical work fits perfect for me. In logistics you need exactly these skills, so my decision was clear.

How did you get to know Halfar as an employer?

The first time I heard of Halfar was in the Federal employment agency. I took a look at the homepage and was convinced, so I applied.

What was your first impressions of Halfar?

My first impressions was very well. Since all colleagues were very friendly and helpful, I felt like a member of the team right away.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working together with my colleagues.

What things do you find annoying sometimes?

Sometimes, there are tasks which are not that interesting but need to be done too. However, there are always new challenges. Last year we cancelled our external warehouses and have put our own new logistics center into operation. We have managed to do this without any difficulties, that makes us really proud.

What did you do before your time at Halfar?

Before I have started at Halfar, I finished secondary school and my vocational baccalaureate. After that I did various part-time jobs in the logistics.

Which tasks do you have at work?

My main task is the dispatching of our products to our customers. Besides this, I am commissioning our goods in the storage or am helping in our goods receiving department. Due to the various tasks in my daily working day, it is never getting boring and I am still learning new things after years in this job.

What is the atmosphere like in your apartment?

In the logistics department, we are more friends than colleagues. During stressful days we have to rely on each other. In these moments we know we are a good team.

How long are you planning to work at Halfar?

I would like to stay at Halfar for a long time.

Are there things you would change/ that you don’t like at Halfar?

In my opinion, the packaging of our products is still a big problem. We are using too much plastic for packaging. This could be improved in future because our goal is to become even more eco-friendly. A great thing is that we can give own proposals for improvement.

What are you doing after work?

After work I relax or meet my friends.

How many hours are you working?

Usually I work for eight and a quarter hours a day, but if we have more tasks to fulfill, I do more hours.

What is motivating you?

We are motivating each other. It’s like you are doing sports. Our aim is to work precise and to be a part of the company’s success.

Describe Halfar in one sentence.

The feeling of togetherness is great and we are more than colleagues.

Why is Halfar a good employer?

We have great working conditions and very high-quality devices.

Are you satisfied with your job?

Yes, I am motivated to go to work every day. I really enjoy my job.

Would you prefer do work in another job?

After I have finished my apprenticeship at Halfar, I decided to work in logistics and this decision was the right one for me. It is fun every day again and fits to my strengths and me. Logistics is challenging and interesting.

Are you happy to work at Halfar?

Yes, I am definitely happy to work here.


We thank you very much for the interview, Henryk!

Soon you can expect another interesting interview with one of our colleagues from Halfar.

Be curious!

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