Strength and passion – that’s what “HALFAR” stands for

In all the years we have been working as experts for every kind of bag, fundamental values have always been deeply entrenched in our actions. These values include, for instance, being passionate about what we do or dedicating all our energy to developing new and improved solutions. However, what most people don’t know is that all these values are already contained in the corporate name. The decision to use the “HALFAR” name as a brand name is not because it’s Armin Halfar’s family name, but because the values embodied in the name perfectly harmonise with our own.

viking ship

HALFAR sounds like?

If you start delving into the name’s origin, you will find that it comes from Norway. You will also find plenty of explanations as to what it means. The so-called “Hallvarr” was considered the “guardian of the rocks”. Only strong and courageous men qualified for this task. Apart from this, the watchman had to be reliable, since he had plenty of responsibility. Furthermore, in Oslo there lived a patron saint whose name was “Saint Hallvard”.

From the deep north

The first time you hear the word “HALFAR”, you tend to think of Scandinavia and the Vikings. Above all else, these two associations stand for strength and robustness. However, you also think of pleasant people, especially thanks to stories such as “Wickie and the Strong Men”, who are known for their clever solutions and willpower.


HALFAR® has always epitomised these values. We are constantly developing creative and contemporary bags for our customers. Yet, our products never lose sight of their functional and qualitative demands. Because, no matter whether they are used as custom-made special bags or individualisable advertising material, above all else, HALFAR® ultimately stands for one thing: strong bags!


HALFAR® Best of Bags

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