“HALFAR® goes Hollywood” – or how our backpack had the honour of being captured on film

Sometimes it is necessary to simply take advantage of opportunities offered. Above all, when they are as wonderful and professional as this one!

So what happened? One lovely day, a mail was sent to us from Daiber, our affiliated company. Could we possibly support them with their outdoor-theme photoshooting? “You’ve got quite a few nice backpacks there…”

“Yes, we most certainly have!” – and they impressed our model Ben so much that today you can marvel at this small but sophisticated outcut film, created as a hommage and a thank you to his new HALFAR® backpack.

Would you like to know what convinced Ben? Read the report on the film-shooting here.

Enjoying the freedom of being outdoors, heading right up to the mountain peaks, coming directly in contact with the natural world. Soft, golden light; wild mountain streams, weasels and marmots – thus far the theoretical impression of an outdoor adventure hike to a mounting lodge. And the photoshooting team were able to reflect all of this in their images.

In view of the tasks ahead, the stylists asked themselves:

“What are all the things that have to go into a day trip backpack?”

“Well, really a sleeping bag for the mountain lodge, plasters, washing items, a cap, a water bottle…ah, this is where you can fit in a drinking system. Wow, there’s still some space left!” “And if it rains, he can also protect himself from the rain.”

“Look, in the bottom section of the bag.”
“But of course, it shouldn’t rain!”
“No, but you still have to fit a drinking bottle in, and the snap hook at the side.”
“What are the loops for?”
“You can fasten your hiking poles there if you have to keep your hands free.”

Once everything has been prepared and the models attired and styled, the process begins. The dew is still on the meadow whilst the models struggle up the first hills. An amazing view over the valley opens up in front of the entire crew. Meadows and green foliage; further away the mountains are white with snow. The morning mist steams. A real outdoor-feeling atmosphere is created.

Outdoor-Rucksäcke von HALFAR® / Outdoor backpacks by HALFAR®

The beginning of a love story

Delighted by the view, part of the group decide to leave the road and go across the fields for a while, They don’t want to cross the mountain stream using the bridge, but rather on foot. “Anyone can take the easy way,“ they think, and scramble down the slope again in the direction of the stream. “That should really make for great photos!“ crows the Marketing Manager.

HALFAR® Outdoor Rucksack Fotoshooting / HALFAR® outdoor backpack photoshooting

However, what no-one has thought of on seeing the idyllic stream was the icy cold water.

“Think of the images!” they cry, firing model Ben on

“This isn’t a job for softies,” he grins.

Ben works his way onward over slippery stones with his hiking boots in his hand, pleased that he can unzip the legs of his trousers and that the backpack sits securely and stably on his back. The fact that he can fasten his cap and hiking shoes to the backpack impresses him greatly. The foundation for a love story was thus laid – and the everyday use of the backpack did the rest!

Mit freien Händen den Bach entlang - ganz einfach mit dem Outdoor-Rucksack von HALFAR®

A climb with interesting encounters

Delighted to have got away with dry trousers from his little expedition, our daring model climbs back onto the bank. The venturous plan of tickling fish and grilling them over an open fire is rejected, laughing, by the group. “Let’s go back to the others,” they decide, and set off on the ascent in the direction of the mountain lodge.

HALFAR® Outdoor-Rucksack im Test in den Bergen / Testing the HALFAR® outdoor backpack in the mountains

It soon becomes clear why they had constantly felt watched during their little adventure. A herd of brown and white cows had been observing events at the mountain stream with great curiosity. Above all a little cow with brown ears and a sleepy gaze had enjoyed watching the creative process so much that it made it into our film!

Even the cow made at eyes at Ben and the crew.

Even the cow made at eyes at Ben and the crew.

The crowning glory of an eventful day

On reaching the mountain lodge, exhausted yet happy, it was revealed that the stylists had not just thought about the production of good photos, but also about the happiness of their colleagues and models. Instead of the sleeping bag and toothbrush, they conjured up diverse delicacies from the backpacks. The rustic wooden table was filled with delicious food. Soon everyone was sitting chatting and laughing, bringing the eventful day to a jovial end together.

What a coincidence: Even nature send us a sign showing Ben's affinity to his new favourite backpack.

What a coincidence: Even nature send us a sign showing Ben’s affinity to his new favourite backpack.

If you, like Ben, have favourite bags by HALFAR® which accompany you, convince you of their worth or make your eyes light up, let us know. We look forward to your films, stories, poems or pictures!

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