With HALFAR® towards summer

It’s that time of year again – summer is coming and we are drawn outside, because the sun has a positive effect on our well-being and our spirit of enterprise. So we get our bikes out of the cellar, go on hiking tours in new regions and see the first intrepid people having a picnic in the park.

HALFAR® bags are suitable for the most diverse activities of your customers. For example, they can thank their employees for their good work during the difficult time and put them in a positive mood for the summer.

So that you don’t have to search long for suitable bags for the summer, we present our favourites below. Due to the current situation, some customers’ budgets are certainly tight at the moment, so we have focused on especially inexpensive bags.

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Freedom of movement with backpack and shoulder bag

Whether on the bike, on inline skates or on foot – backpacks or shoulder bags are particularly suitable for the many outdoor sporting activities that we pursue in summer. This way we have our hands free for everything else and can move safely. At the same time, everything necessary for travelling is stowed away.

One of the classics here is the event bag EASY in its many bright colours and the practical A4 size. But the popular cross bags are also ideal for storing mobile phone, keys and co. safely and quickly accessible. The cross bag FLOW, for example, is a real bargain on the one hand and on the other hand the many colours match numerous customer logos. This makes it ideal for adding a logo or motivational slogan, and despite its compact size it is an eye-catcher. If you prefer something more discreet, you can choose the COUNTRY made of heavy cotton or the ELEGANCE.

As far as backpacks are concerned, light drawstring bags are particularly suitable for the summer. The colour palette also ranges from light to dark, from bright to muted. And the best thing is: they are inexpensive, can be refined over a large area and can be used again and again. The new CARE drawstring bag made of rPET is also sustainable and meets the spirit of the times.

Stay cool – even on the road

What makes a good picnic? Of course the delicacies that you can enjoy outdoors. To keep them at the right temperature for as long as possible, our cooler bags are ideal. Not only do they keep you cold, the thermo-insulating material also keeps hot food warm. At the forefront in this category are the lunch bag SOLUTION and the thermo bag FLOW. The handy size is ideal for smaller picnics or for the next bike tour. Both ensure a good mood with their colours and can also be refined very well.

Adventurers beware!

Every summer, many people go to the water to cool off or do an adventure sport such as rafting or canoeing. In order to protect at least your belongings from the water, the drybag SPLASH is a must for us. Its tarpaulin material in combination with the ingenious closure system protects the contents from splashing water. In addition, the bag offers a lot of space for large-area screen printing.


City trips, for sure!

Despite the current situation, many will certainly take a city trip this year, especially in their home country. To be on the safe side with your smartphone and wallet, we recommend bags like our monostrap or one-shoulder bag TREND. Both can be carried on the back as well as in front of the body, making it almost impossible for thieves to steal anything. Belt bags such as the BREEZE or SOLUTION also keep personal items safe.

Sustainable shopping

Also shopping and strolling through the shops is possible again. Many have been waiting for this. To ensure that the topic of sustainability is not forgotten at the same time, shoppers made of (organic) cotton or recycled materials, for example, can be an appropriate advertising gift. This way your customers can place their logo here on the one hand and on the other hand encourage their employees and customers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Another practical feature is that the shoppers made of lightweight materials can always be taken along. Just put them in your handbag or rucksack and take them out when needed and stow your purchases.

Don’t have the right one yet?

Besides the summer bags presented here, you will find a lot of other bags in our online shop, which are just waiting to make the summer a little bit more colourful with their colours. If you have any questions or suggestions the promotional bags team will be happy to help you!

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