Now launched! The new HALFAR® shop

Today, it is not just the originality and the quality of a product, but also its performance and availability in the digital world that is crucial for its success. We at HALFAR® realise this too and therefore launched our new HALFAR® Shop a few weeks ago, including a completely new Homepage. Both have proved impressive from day one. But what exactly is so new and exciting? You will find out in the following blog post.

A design that impresses!

It was especially important to us to create a design for the new homepage and its integrated shops which would be as modern and at the same time as practical as possible. And we definitely succeeded in this. All articles not only now show their best side, but are also presented from all optimum angles. Moreover, the entire layout of the Shop is very tidy and does not stress the user when surfing.

The new HALFAR® shop - optimised for all types of devices

Optimised for mobile devices

Because at least as many people now surf the Internet via mobile devices as those using computers, we have optimised our homepage and the shop for all types of mobile end devices. This makes staying on the page as enjoyable as possible for our customers, irrespective of whether you are working on a Smartphone or computer. Together with our IT specialists, we have also created a page which allows you to reach your desired article or the desired page in as few clicks as possible. This saves you lots of time and you can quickly find anything.

The new HALFAR® shop - optimised for mobile devices

From now on you can also visit the HALFAR® website and our shop using your smartphone.

New shop functions for a better surfing experience

To ensure that the new homepage and the shop not just look good, some functions are also needed – obviously – to  make the surfing experience easier. Here, too, we allowed our entire experience to be integrated in order to provide those very functions, which help you move forwards. One of these features, for example, is the filter option to find specific bag properties. With this, visitors to the page can very simply find the properties they require in their searched product and therefore look for it quickly in a targeted way. Is your customer looking for a foldable bag, for example? Then you can activate this criterium in the field for special properties and get an overview of the available bags.

Moreover, the “Product Series” shows articles from the same series, which might also be of interest to the visitor. The function “Bestseller” gives an overview of products which currently enjoy great popularity and might also be of interest to you.

You can also download a complete data sheet with all the important information on the product your customer is interested in and to take it to your appointment with the customer, for instance.

All-round success!

All these aspects make our new homepage and the new shop a successful project. After only a few weeks, the many positive responses so far show us this. Naturally, we at HALFAR® are very proud to see that our intensive project hits the mark exactly. It is another step in the right direction: the future!

You don’t have a login to our shop yet? If so, you can request it via our registration form.

For any further questions, our promotional bags team is happy to help you any time. And now we wish you lots of fun exploring the new HALFAR® Online World!

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