HALFAR Sustainability Report 2018

What is sustainability? What does sustainability mean to HALFAR®? And how do we live out sustainability in our everyday work? In order to give you the information you need, we published our first Sustainability Report 2017 last year in which we compiled all of our projects to date, collaborations and certificates. Our company blog also provided exciting news throughout the year on our daily work and our self-image. Thanks to your feedback, we have learned how important the subject of sustainability is to you, the dynamic it unleashes and the enthusiasm it awakens in us.

These are the reasons why our second sustainability report is now ready. It intends to inspire, inform and motivate. It allows us to give you an insight into the milestones we have already achieved and an outlook of where we want to go. And we are delighted to take you with us on our way to sustainable business!


Why do we publish such an extensive sustainability report although it is not obligatory for a company of our size? Quite simple:

  1. We want to give an insight into our activities so that you know who is behind the strong bags from HALFAR®.
  2. We want to support you!
    Based on our report, you can show your customers HALFAR® is a trustworthy brand that is dedicated to sustainable products, fair working conditions and a good coexistence.
  3. Last but not least, we want to inspire you and take you with us into a sustainable future!

Achieving big things together at HALFAR


In our 2017 report, you will find our measures and their relevance in relation to the three sustainability criteria of economics, ecology and social aspects. And you can see how a sustainable network has developed.

The current 2018 report is based on various areas of action where responsible entrepreneurial actions are shown and unfold their effect. For us, these are the three major areas of people, nature and product with their respective impacts of community, workplace, environment and market. We will show you how we find ourselves in the tension area between the different fields. How we take responsibility and initiate change in order to achieve increasingly larger overlaps.

  • In the market area of action you can read about the points: Production and quality cycle, suppliers and range (GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100, UPVC-free), market and retail.
  • In the environment area of action we look at the subjects: COreduction/neutrality, CO2-neutral shipping, the green board and ISO 14001.
  • In the community area of action collaborations, integration, promotion of new talent and new initiatives. And
  • In the workplace action area you will find out how we interconnect. Why we are awarded as a family-friendly company, what we do for infrastructure and employee health and what our women’s quota looks like.

Why do we publish such an extensive sustainability report although it is not obligatory for a company of our size? Quite simple:

We want to inspire you and give you an insight into our activities. Furthermore, you can show your customers and provide the proof that HALFAR® is a sustainable company.

You can view our certificates and awards once again here:


We say a kind thank you to everyone who accompanies us on the journey, who supports us and who places their trust in us. Your encouragement and feedback are our affirmation and motivation alike.

Of course we will report in our blog about more exciting news and the latest events. After all: “The FUTURE is what we make of it together!