3 good reasons for our customers

At the beginning of May, together with four strong companies from the East Westphalia-Lippe region (OWL), we were distinguished with the CSR Award OWL. We are delighted about receiving this prize and thank you very much for the distinction!

All the winners of the CSR Prize OWL 2018
But what does the prize mean for our retail partners?

  • The award provides security!
    It confirms that we at HALFAR® have more than merely our profit in mind, and confirms that we operate in a sustainable and holistic manner that is characterised by foresight.
  • The award supports! 
    With our prize, you can show your customers that HALFAR® is a trustworthy brand that is committed to sustainable products, fair working conditions and good mutual dealings with one another.
  • Last, but not least, we would also like to inspire you and take you along on the journey toward a mutual, sustainable future!

CSR-Preis OWL - Der Award

But what exactly is CSR?

In general, CSR is about corporate social responsibility that is voluntary and exceeds the legal requirements.

Concretely, the OWL CSR award thus specifically distinguishes entrepreneurial commitment in four areas: on the market, at the workplace and/or regarding the employees, as regards the environment, and with reference to the community. The purpose of the award is to raise awareness regarding the industry’s social commitment, both at its location and beyond, in addition to promoting continued dedication. But what exactly does this mean for HALFAR® and for you?

HALFAR® – Think global, act local!

True to the motto of “think global, act local”, we at HALFAR® keep the big picture in mind when it comes to sustainability, and we take action where we have the opportunities to do so. Hence, this means on site, at our company headquarters, and also along our entire production and supply chain. This way, we have already been able to achieve a great deal in the past, and we continue to strive toward achieving even more:

In the market sector:

We offer you a large range of high-quality, on-stock bags and backpacks that are produced within the framework of a clearly-defined production and quality cycle. In so doing, we ensure that social standards are complied with; that our products pose no risk to people and the environment; that our products demonstrably comply with legal requirements (REACH to LFGB), and also that the quality of the products is as it should be.

For our environment:

By means of continuous sustainable planning, cooperation and the use of ecologically- and economically-sensible technologies, we have managed to operate our company building completely CO2-neutral since 2017. Here, e.g., we use photovoltaics and heat without using fossil fuels. What is more, we have implemented extensive measures to reduce energy consumption. An audit conducted in accordance with ISO:14001 is set to take place in 2018. We have taken the first measures for CO2-neutral shipping and are presently expanding these.

For successful dealings with one another:

At its heart, HALFAR® is a family-run enterprise. Maybe this explains why the mutual dealings with one another are so important to us. And not only with us here at the company in Bielefeld, but also with all people with whom we have professional contact: from our customers to our partners, and right up to our suppliers.

Whether this refers to flexible working time models, a variety of different mobility offers, or an attractive infrastructure – ever since our founding, we can look back with pride at steady growth regarding the number of employees, combined with low employee turnover. Today we employ 110 people between 20 and 66 years of age. Our proportion of women in management positions is at 45%, and 90% of these have children. What is more, our male colleagues also take advantage of the offers that promote reconciling family and career.

And both people with and without disabilities work together under one roof at HALFAR®. This is a benefit for everyone: because with the integration company, the printing company prosigno®, HALFAR® is located door to door to a specialist for the finishing of bags, backpacks and tarpaulins.

“FUTURE is what we, in mutual cooperation, make of it.”

We are happy when we succeed at inspiring you. Inspiring you for our products and our production, which complies with the social standards and inspires you to exercise careful and conscious dealings when it comes to natural resources. This is because it is up to every single individual to do this, and it is the large number of small acts that create a major impact. Feel free to address us, we are happy to support you!