Halfar roof garden- a paradise for insects since 2013

The HALFAR® roof bursts into colour

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? I bet it would be inconceivable to many. To counter this, it is important that we protect our insects. But what do insects have to do with chocolate? The answer is very simple: midges are responsible for pollinating cocoa plants.

If you want to find out more about such interrelations and about the importance of insects, we recommend visiting our list of links at the end of this article. However, we would like to tell you about our latest project now, as we at Halfar like to take on a challenge and have set ourselves the task of creating a new habitat for insects.

Even more insect friendly space at Halfar

Already 6 years ago in a voluntary undertaking, Halfar employees planted a 400 m² large green space on the flat roof of our company to make it insect friendly. Since then, many insects have made this area their home.

Halfar roof garden- a paradise for insects since 2013

Halfar’s first roof garden was established in 2013 and now is a paradise for insects.

The great added benefit is that the green roof turns CO2 into oxygen. Building on this CO2 reduction project at the beginning of 2018, we also started to consistently collate and figure out in monetary terms the CO2 emissions unavoidably created by the transport of our products, for instance. The amount of money saved as a result was used to plant another area and to protect those creatures, which significantly contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of our ecosystem.

At Halfar, we opened the 5th Insect Respect compensation area.

At Halfar, we opened the 5th Insect Respect compensation area.©Reimar Ott

Promoting greater biodiversity!

A 450 m² roof on another building was transformed into an oxygen provider and habitat for insects in a joint campaign by Insect Respect and Halfar employees. The first 10 possible spaces were allocated as soon as the employee campaign was announced. This shows that our colleagues also feel strongly about the subject. In the end, 10 volunteers and family members met on Saturday morning at Halfar, to literally climb the roof. Insect Respect initiator Dr Hans-Dietrich Reckhaus and the biologist Dr Philipp Unterweger also took the opportunity to personally attend the opening of the 5th Insect Respect compensation area.

With everyone having been fortified for the forthcoming planting work with a joint breakfast, Dr Reckhaus and Dr Unterweger gave short presentations about the importance of insects and biodiversity. After that it was right down to business.

In bright sunshine, everyone, big and small, put in all of their effort and, under the supervision of Insect Respect, created opportunities for all kinds of insects to find food and places to hide and hibernate. Both Halfar managing directors, Armin Halfar and Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar, did not miss the chance either to actively join in with the planting action.

This is how in the end another paradise for insects was created on the company roof. Here you can also find insect hotels made of piles of deadwood, and grasses and shrubs as places to hide and breed, as well as pond landscapes for birds and insects to cool off on hot days. In muddy and sandy areas, they also find many opportunities to dig for nesting holes or to collect materials for nests.

Further benefits of a green roof

Apart from the many benefits offered by roof to the insects, there are also plus points for the company building. Resources are saved for instance, as the working life of the roof is extended. The vegetation acts as natural dust filter and retains rainwater, freeing up the sewer system. Moreover, plants act as natural protection against noise.

Find further information about our sustainable measures in our Sustainability Report.

Information about our insect friendly facilities and initiatives

Do you also want to create insect friendly gardens, balconies or roof spaces? Find interesting information on this subject on the following pages:

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