Mouth and nose mask from HALFAR®

The current situation is exceptional for all of us and requires exceptional measures from the companies as well. For this reason, we at HALFAR® have decided to temporarily switch our production to the manufacture of mouth and nose masks.

Mund-Nase-Masken von HALFAR®

From week 16 we will start with the production of our masks in Europe. Of course, we guarantee the highest quality here as well. As the masks can be boiled out, they are also suitable for reuse. In our YouTube video you can get a better look on it.




HALFARkeepsdistance 2020

Halfar supports the initiative “Bielefeld stays at home“

The current situation with the Covid-19 virus has been concerning us all for some weeks and is becoming ever more critical. Whether a private individual, company, self employed or freelancer – we are all affected by the current situation.

At HALFAR® we are not just working people and residents of the city of Bielefeld, we are – with our special bags – very close to the rescue and emergency services and their plight. Our company is based on the idea of making things better and supporting people in their work with good solutions.

Bielefeld #BleibtzuHause

Therefore, we want to support the initiative Bielefeld #BleibtZuHause (Bielefeld#staysathome) with our reach and – together with many other engaged citizens – to point out that EVERYONE’s participation is vital.


Only by avoiding all non-essential social contacts can we allow the health care system the time it needs for preparation, supplies and research – and not only in our own city. Our hospitals and everyone else in the medical field need this time to help, to care, to plan, to prepare for worse to come, to research and to find answers to questions which we never had to confront before. WE can create this time ONLY by acting together.

We therefore ask you to use your creativity in new ways, work at home if possible, write letters again, make telephone calls, read books, paint or make music. In each instance: Keep a minimum distance of about 2 m to people who do not live with you in the same household. This is required of every single individual!

What can businesses do?

  • Constantly inform themselves about the current situation via reliable sources
  • Inform employees of all measures
  • Ensure that hygiene regulations are observed
  • Make an effort to allow employees to work from the Home Office or to separate themselves physically
  • Utilise modern technology and software to stay in contact with employees and communicate

What can each individual do now?

  • Observe hygiene regulations
  • Reduce social contacts to a minimum
  • Wherever we come into contact: keep a distance!
  • Think positive and make the best of the situation

keep distance

We can only prevent the virus from spreading too quickly and get back normality again faster if we all observe these regulations together. Therefore, we thank all our co-workers, customers and partners, the people in our city, and all those who conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, for their engagement.


#keepdistance #stayhome


nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Sustainable cleaning products at HALFAR®

Within the scope of our sustainability strategy, we have converted all our cleaning products to sustainable organic cleaning products. In our sustainability report and the SDG’s you can read more about which measures we have implemented to protect our environment and which will follow.

nachhaltige Bio-Putzmittel bei HALFAR®

Interview with a warehouse employee

Interview with a warehouse employee

In our interview series, we have already presented you our trainees. Now we want to start a new series, in which we will be presenting some and tell you what they are doing. Our first interview partner is Henryk. He is working in logistics and now tells us about his work at Halfar.

Interview with a warehouse employee

When did you start at Halfar?

I have been working at Halfar for four and a half years. During the first two and a half years, I did an apprenticeship in the logistics.

Why have you decided for logistics?

After my vocational baccalaureate, I took a detour to the logistics department. During several part-time jobs I have found that organizational planning and practical work fits perfect for me. In logistics you need exactly these skills, so my decision was clear.

How did you get to know Halfar as an employer?

The first time I heard of Halfar was in the Federal employment agency. I took a look at the homepage and was convinced, so I applied.

What was your first impressions of Halfar?

My first impressions was very well. Since all colleagues were very friendly and helpful, I felt like a member of the team right away.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working together with my colleagues.

What things do you find annoying sometimes?

Sometimes, there are tasks which are not that interesting but need to be done too. However, there are always new challenges. Last year we cancelled our external warehouses and have put our own new logistics center into operation. We have managed to do this without any difficulties, that makes us really proud.

What did you do before your time at Halfar?

Before I have started at Halfar, I finished secondary school and my vocational baccalaureate. After that I did various part-time jobs in the logistics.

Which tasks do you have at work?

My main task is the dispatching of our products to our customers. Besides this, I am commissioning our goods in the storage or am helping in our goods receiving department. Due to the various tasks in my daily working day, it is never getting boring and I am still learning new things after years in this job.

What is the atmosphere like in your apartment?

In the logistics department, we are more friends than colleagues. During stressful days we have to rely on each other. In these moments we know we are a good team.

How long are you planning to work at Halfar?

I would like to stay at Halfar for a long time.

Are there things you would change/ that you don’t like at Halfar?

In my opinion, the packaging of our products is still a big problem. We are using too much plastic for packaging. This could be improved in future because our goal is to become even more eco-friendly. A great thing is that we can give own proposals for improvement.

What are you doing after work?

After work I relax or meet my friends.

How many hours are you working?

Usually I work for eight and a quarter hours a day, but if we have more tasks to fulfill, I do more hours.

What is motivating you?

We are motivating each other. It’s like you are doing sports. Our aim is to work precise and to be a part of the company’s success.

Describe Halfar in one sentence.

The feeling of togetherness is great and we are more than colleagues.

Why is Halfar a good employer?

We have great working conditions and very high-quality devices.

Are you satisfied with your job?

Yes, I am motivated to go to work every day. I really enjoy my job.

Would you prefer do work in another job?

After I have finished my apprenticeship at Halfar, I decided to work in logistics and this decision was the right one for me. It is fun every day again and fits to my strengths and me. Logistics is challenging and interesting.

Are you happy to work at Halfar?

Yes, I am definitely happy to work here.


We thank you very much for the interview, Henryk!

Soon you can expect another interesting interview with one of our colleagues from Halfar.

Be curious!

Der neue CHOICE Messestand

The PSI 2020 – Innovation, sustainability and solutions ahead

The PSI 2020 is over and was a complete success. However, this year there were not just new products of the CHOICE sisters to be marvelled at, but the exhibition display also stood out with its new makeover.

Premiere at the PSI: the CHOICE Experience

At the PSI 2020, the sisters of the enterprise group CHOICE (SND, mbw®, Daiber, FARE® and HALFAR®) presented themselves on a new exhibition stand. Under the motto CHOICE Experience, it not only visualised the mutual understanding of brands, but also made it into an experience for the 16,367 visitors, who had travelled from 81 nations to this leading trade fair.

Der neue CHOICE PSI 2020 Messestand

Connection meets independence

The new stand’s design is clear and straightforward. The colour white dominates outside. And so, the generously sized stand – around 650 square metres – gives five independent companies the opportunity to appear under one coherent framework. The signal: the CHOICE family operates under one roof -– and that not only symbolically, but also in wholly practical terms.

Each partner has their own space, shaping it individually with products and messages. However, links to the others are provided everywhere. Passages and views open up the stand. Each company’s area has a wide entry, inviting and welcoming the visitor to the trade exhibition. Themed islands and presenters are structured in one coherent, product-specific and stylistic language. They create display formats with light and graphics, which communicate the product variety and brand values to the customer.

Experiencing inner values – the CHOICE Lounge

As the customer enters the stand via the individual business worlds, he comes upon the inner core of the CHOICE group. Here, all positions of the otherwise diverse advertising media experts meet as one big community of values. The lounge in the middle of the stand is, therefore, purposely designed in a different way to the outside product areas. It is kept in warm colours and creates an ambience of well-being for breaks and discussions. Sustainability, quality, innovation, service, and partnership – these are some of the CHOICE values, which became apparent this year; also in the statements of the respective entrepreneurial key players and in product and image photographs.

Sustainable, useful, new for 2020 at HALFAR®

Sustainability is not a megatrend for us here at HALFAR®, but a subject that emerges from our fundamental position. Today, we work at the company headquarters Bielefeld in a CO2-neutral way and, in new engagements and initiatives, we demonstrate again and again that we are serious about future and customer-orientation. This is shown in practice as far as the bag innovations 2020 are concerned. With materials such as recycled PET (rPET) and pioneering concepts, we offer solutions for a consistently growing number of customers, who also hold this subject close to their hearts. The new bags of the HALFAR® stock range can be summarised into three categories as follows:


Re-growing and renewable materials

With the new COUNTRY and LOOM series, here at HALFAR®, we place emphasis on the re-growing raw material cotton and/or a cotton mix and show how versatile and fresh this material is when used. With a plus in sustainability thanks to organic cotton, our new re-usable bag – ORGANIC – scores; ideal for buying fruit and vegetables without using plastics. And, with the new PLANET series – made of “pre-recycled cotton” – we go one step further, as this cotton is derived from the cut-off remnants of bag production. For the CIRCLE range as well as for the drawstring bag CARE made of rPET, we also use a material that prevents waste and utilises existing resources: recycled PET bottles.


Durable, multifunctional and quick – thanks to new finishing processes

What lasts longer is used for longer. Also combining useful functions, it becomes a faithful and a sustainable companion in everyday life. The eight bags from the big new business range – FRAME – impress with their finish and high usage value. Apart from their durability, they are also fast, thanks to the award-winning finishing process – turbo finish HALFAR FAST LANE®. Equally new and particularly functional: the roller bag – HASHTAG as well as the notebook backpacks – EXPERT, TOP, LOFT and COMMUNITY.


Small and efficient bags

Minimalism and concentrating on what is essential contribute to the conservation of resources and therefore add to greater sustainability. With the TREND series, our HALFAR® range offers simple, reduced bags, which emphasise popular colours such as off-white, mint-green or antique pink. With the mono-strap backpacks – IMPULSE and HASHTAG – as well as the BodyBag – COMMUNITY – made of PV imitation leather, three small, smart bags for all pocket essentials are entering the market. As an addition, the uncomplicated FLOW series offers a CrossBag and a Thermo bag. Also, the two new bags from the tried and tested felt series – MODERNCLASSIC – certainly are a sign of the times: the felt cover for laptops and the organiser for the office relocation make New Work comfortable.


In all, we are pleased to present to you 40 new bags in six brand new series, as separate bags or as addition to existing bag families. By the way, all are PVC-free and available quickly from stock and around the clock in our online shop. Order your samples for review straight away and convince yourself.

You want to know more? Our colleagues in the sales teams are here to help you and will be happy to advise you. We look forward to continuing together with you on the path towards greater sustainability in 2020.

Turning old into new – Upcycling at HALFAR®

What actually happens to a truck tarpaulin which one has no further use for? At HALFAR®, we utilize it to create new bags. The German ZDF television crew that also produces the TV show WISO has filmed the way which an upcycled truck tarpaulin is undergoing. In the end, our sewing workers used the tarpaulin cuttings to make individual WISO backpacks of it. Just click at the picture below to see the full video.


Der WISO Rucksack von HALFAR®

Bags for Tanzania

In cooperation with the socially engaged Cornelia Delius from Bielefeld, HALFAR® donated bags and backpacks to students in Karatu, Tanzania. Two monastery sisters of the Rhotia Health Centre received the bags for the children. Now they can use them for their daily school materials.

The Rhotia Health Centre provides medical support for future mothers or in emergency cases to the inhabitants. Furthermore, the centre is currently building a room for an x-ray apparatus to improve medical support. Since all medical devices are funded by donations, every little donation is greatly appreciated. If you want to donate, too, please follow the link:

Besides the schools mentioned above Cornelia Delius also visited the pre-school of Karatu. We are happy to see that the kids like our bags.


HALFAR FAST LANE® – Now Christmas can begin

Your customer needs 100 personalized bags for Christmas by the day after tomorrow? Impossible. Isn’t it? No longer! The new HALFAR FAST LANE® makes it possible. It is yet another exciting HALFAR® decoration to add to our collection of innovations. But what exactly does the new decoration method involve and what makes it so special? We have concluded this in the following article.

And the highlight is – we have a pre-Christmas present for you: The HALFAR FAST LANE® flyer! Download it now and send it to your customers!

Send this PDF with a link to the HALFAR® shop directly to your customers. Or…

Individualize the flyer with your retailer address or insert your logo and send it to your customers.



The idea for innovation

How can we decorate a bag quickly and, most importantly, in high quality? It is a question that we at HALFAR® have been working on for a long time. Now we have the answer: HALFAR FAST LANE®.


HALFAR FAST LANE<sup>®</sup>


The formula one of decoration

What are the advantages of the HALFAR FAST LANE® method compared to other forms of decoration? The answer is simple – there are lots.

Probably the most compelling argument in favour of the new process is the lead time. It is now possible to complete an order in a single day, depending on the quantity and clarity of the order. No-one else is faster! Another benefit is the brilliant print result. If the logo needs to stand out, a spot coating can be applied to give it a high-quality look and make the motif appear three-dimensional. And if that is not already enough advantages for you, here are a few more:

  • already from one piece, ready from one day after the launch of the order
  • good value
  • especially intense colours
  • free from solvents and heavy metals
  • no colour bleeding
  • energy-saving printing process
  • noble with spot varnish finish
  • 4-colour text up to font 6 pt (for vectorised fonts)

Die Formel 1 unter den Veredelungen

Promotional perfection

The bags in the new FRAME collection also do their bit for the promotional effect. They really do create the perfect frame for your message. Their special decorative seams frame the logo and attract even more attention to the promotional space. It is unique!

HALFAR FAST LANE<sup>®</sup>


Have you tried the new HALFAR FAST LANE® method yet? Our customer advisors will be happy to help!

Strength and passion – that’s what “HALFAR” stands for

In all the years we have been working as experts for every kind of bag, fundamental values have always been deeply entrenched in our actions. These values include, for instance, being passionate about what we do or dedicating all our energy to developing new and improved solutions. However, what most people don’t know is that all these values are already contained in the corporate name. The decision to use the “HALFAR” name as a brand name is not because it’s Armin Halfar’s family name, but because the values embodied in the name perfectly harmonise with our own.

viking ship

HALFAR sounds like?

If you start delving into the name’s origin, you will find that it comes from Norway. You will also find plenty of explanations as to what it means. The so-called “Hallvarr” was considered the “guardian of the rocks”. Only strong and courageous men qualified for this task. Apart from this, the watchman had to be reliable, since he had plenty of responsibility. Furthermore, in Oslo there lived a patron saint whose name was “Saint Hallvard”.

From the deep north

The first time you hear the word “HALFAR”, you tend to think of Scandinavia and the Vikings. Above all else, these two associations stand for strength and robustness. However, you also think of pleasant people, especially thanks to stories such as “Wickie and the Strong Men”, who are known for their clever solutions and willpower.


HALFAR® has always epitomised these values. We are constantly developing creative and contemporary bags for our customers. Yet, our products never lose sight of their functional and qualitative demands. Because, no matter whether they are used as custom-made special bags or individualisable advertising material, above all else, HALFAR® ultimately stands for one thing: strong bags!


HALFAR® Best of Bags