Lean meadows for nature – the new logistics centre blossoms

Now the time has come! Just under a year after the completion of our logistics centre in Altenhagen, the first results of the planting around the new building are becoming apparent. Just as on the green roofs at the company headquarters, the aim of this project was to create valuable habitats for rare plants and insects on available open spaces.

The creation of lean meadows, the planting of native shrubs and perennials and the landscaped dead wood and stone piles provide an ideal habitat for a wide variety of insects, wild bees and birds.

Flower variety serves as insect magnet

The now beautifully blooming rough pastures are already colonized by insects of all kinds and draw a picture of living diversity. Because insects like it varied, wild and colourful. They are a good example of living diversity and its great importance. Perhaps this is why, in addition to their importance for the environment, they are such a major concern for us.

The bright blue cornflowers hold a lot of nectar and pollen and attract bees and bumblebees from June to September. And the red corn poppy is not only beautiful to look at, but also a welcome source of nourishment for many insects. The same goes for the straight-lined, radiant daisies that bloom on our meagre meadow. Marguerites are regarded as bees and butterflies magnets and perfectly complement the green ecosystem.

To our delight, the dead wood and stone heaps are also already populated by various insects. They offer protection and retreat possibilities also in the colder months. We hope that more insects will settle here in the course of the summer!

Holistic approach – lived sustainability

In addition to bees and insects, we at Halfar, as you surely know, deal with many other topics that are generally associated with the term sustainability. Whether CO2-free shipping of our products, the use of renewable raw materials in our productions, upcycling, bags made of recycled materials, social standards in bag production… the variety of topics is also great here.  We would be happy to advise you on how your HALFAR® bag project can have a particularly sustainable effect.

Why sustainability is not just a fashionable trend for us at HALFAR® and what we are actually doing in the fields of action HUMAN, NATURE and PRODUCT, you can also read in our Sustainability Report 2019.

Everyone out! Outdoors is in.

All about the newly discovered wanderlust and love of the outdoors

“Kids, the weather is so great, go outside!” Those, like me, who grew up listening to this sentence, often have a double-edged relationship with a blue sky. Naturally, as a child I would sometimes also have rather spent more time indoors or in front of the television than was good for me. When I had to go outdoors, however, I really could take pleasure in being outside.

No one is left out with the outdoors

The word outdoors had not been invented when I used to meet with friends outside; rolling down North German dikes, stomping in rubber boots in fish ponds, collecting conkers, and it did not exist when I went camping, cycling and made fires as teenager. And yet always noticed again and again: Outdoors is more than just the fresh air my mother wanted me to experience. Outdoors is, in the best sense of the word, is the feeling of being “untroubled”, being free.

Outdoors in the city

Hotspots for urban fresh air fanatics:

  • Beer garden
  • Swimming lake
  • Park
  • Allotment garden

The essential outdoors

Today outdoors is a megatrend and a lifestyle. Here are just a few examples for what people like to do outside today:

  • Eating outdoors is in. Ever larger barbeques and completely furnished garden kitchens prove this impressively.
  • Drinking outdoors is in. Beer gardens blossom even in the north of the republic and quite often innkeepers extend the season into the winter with blankets and heaters.
  • Working outdoors is in. Urban gardening is the trend, such as growing vegetables – even in the city. On balconies, in front gardens or in rediscovered allotment gardens people are raking, sowing and harvesting to their heart’s content. And office workers too stick their laptops under their arm and work in the park.
  • Holidaying outdoors is in. Increasingly luxurious camping sites are shooting up with more and more gigantic motor homes arriving by the minute. They turn ordinary camping into glamorous “glamping”.
  • And naturally, being active outdoors is in. In the past, strolling, cycling and hiking tours weren’t something, which you could boast about to your friends. But today, you can.

Tip: Hiking in the west

3 exciting routes in NRW:

Above all: Hiking! Since Hape Kerkeling’s book “I’m off then” at the latest, a real stampede has headed towards pilgrim and hiking routes. Today, even hipsters from the city lace up their hiking boots at the weekend and setting off. Sauerland, Harz and Teutoburger Forest are no longer synonymous with a bourgeois way of life but are hot new destinations for weekend trips.

Not without my backpack

The best HALFAR® outdoor companions:

  • Trekking backpack MOUNTAIN
  • Backpack ADVENTURE
  • Backpack TRAIL
  • Backpack TOUR
HALFAR Outdoor backpacks

Our four outdoor backpacks are ready to go!

This is how you truly experience nature and with all your senses: Seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing… and fitness, which focuses on the forest ground instead of the treadmill.

And perhaps this is the best thing about outdoor pleasures such as hiking: It really does not need much. OK, a little protection from wind and weather wouldn’t go amiss depending on the region. A pair of good boots is obviously a must when hiking. And a sensible backpack can lighten up a day outdoors in the truest sense of the word. Otherwise minimalism is recommended. You won’t find any WIFI on hiking routes either. Thank goodness! Give it a try!