Promotional GIft Award 2020 - HALFAR FAST LANE®

Promotional Gift Award 2020 for HALFAR FAST LANE®

We are happy to announce that we have won the Promotional Gift Award in 2020 again!
With our new decoration technique HALFAR FAST LANE® and the matching series FRAME we convinced the jury.

In only two days the jury checked 207 samples that have been send in and awarded 45 products in seven categories.

Thank you for the award!Promotional Gift Award 2020 für HALFAR FAST LANE®


Rucksack DIAMOND von HALFAR®

HAPTICA® live with the Promotional Gift Award 2019

The time had come again, and the HAPTICA® live opened its doors on 19th and 20th March 2019. The motto of this year’s event was “Look & Feel” and accordingly, there was plenty to see and touch. 198 exhibitors at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB) presented innovations, bestsellers and highlights from their programs, impressing the 1,840 visitors to the event. A large number of visitors from marketing, purchasing, agencies and the promotional products trade were fascinated by the possibilities and a further in the quality of haptic advertising material.

This was also helped by the fact that, for the first time, the 44 winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2019, the Oscar amongst advertising prizes, were not presented in showcases but in an open presentation form.

17 years of award tradition

193 advertising media submissions in 7 categories

7 qualified jury members

44 winners

This form of presentation enabled visitors not only to look at the winning products, but to try them out and to grasp them in the truest sense of the word. In this way, they were able to get a full idea of what had encouraged the jury to choose the product and the extraordinary things about haptic advertising.

The DIAMOND backpack by HALFAR® was also able to capture both the jury and the audience this year.

DIAMOND – impresses across the board

The innovative shape of the drawstring bag impresses with lightness and dynamism, is PVC-free and offers a huge range of possibilities for one or more individual decorations. Its shape makes it possible to carry the backpack on both sides, so that both the front and the back have space for an advertising message.

As a stock item, it displays cutting-edge diamond decor, which can be customised with screen printing, embroidery, metal emblem and transfer printing, amongst others.

The DIAMOND's material is PVC free.

HALFAR®’s backpack DIAMOND isn’t only stylish, but also satisfies with its PVC free material.


Individual custom-made products can be realised as a unique bag with an all-over decor. The generosity of the available space makes these designs particularly effective.

In this way, the backpack can be designed completely individually, with or without diamond decor.

With its functional features, it offers a high usage and identification value for the user, making it a real alternative to plastic bags & co.

HALFAR®'s backpack DIAMOND

Theresa says: “My DIAMOND is always with me. Whether at festivals, while shopping or on a city trip. Everything fits inside and it looks stylish.”

The DIAMOND’s special characteristics

capacity of 12 litres

suitable for A4 documents and catalogues

large, lenght-adjustable straps

separate zipper pouch

soft, foldable, robuts, durable and PVC free material

Sustainably produced?

With all the advantages, the question remains: How was the product made? The DIAMOND backpacks, just like all other HALFAR® bags, are all manufactured in compliance with the ILO core labour standard. This ensures that production is assured from a social point of view. The agreement includes the exclusion of child labour and forced labour for example, and gives workers the right to undertake collective bargaining; a guarantee of adequate wages. The fact that the agreements are not only valid on paper, but also complied with, i.e. that the working conditions and quality of the product are right, is guaranteed by HALFAR® via local employees, audits and regular inspections.

The constituent parts also impress. The material of the DIAMOND is durable, marketable and safe to use and does not require the use of PVC and the associated plasticizers. The constituent parts of the materials used are tested by independent institutes; something we guarantee through our “tested materials” label.

Are you interested in our way of doing business sustainably? Then read more in our Sustainability report.

Gewinner bei den PSI Sustainability Awards 2018

Persistent offender?!

What? We won again?

Everyone waited eagerly for this day. There was great excitement after information was leaked through social media that Halfar was one of this year’s nominees. Did our sustainable activities over the last few months convince the jury? For example, our commitment to the “Insect Aid” project, through which we created more living spaces for insects. Or our goal to become a climate-neutral company. Perhaps our Sustainability Report as a whole left a positive impression?

Last Friday, it was finally time: The PSI Sustainability Awards were being presented for the 4th time. The most sustainable companies in the advertising industry gathered proudly with anticipation in the splendid Wiesbadener Kurhaus.

But first, the premiere of the PSI Sustainability Summit

For the first time, the PSI Sustainability Summit took place in the afternoon before the actual awards ceremony. The topic of the event was “Sustainable Supply Chain” and it served as a platform of exchange between the promotional goods industry and economic representatives. In their presentations, the latter answered questions about the development and orientation of supply chains in the promotional goods sector as well as the influence of sustainability. After all, in addition to highlighting positive examples the Sustainability Award is primarily about learning from one another, inspiring and motivating each other. It’s about continuing to work together to shift the promotional goods market towards sustainable business.

And finally: The presentation of the PSI Sustainability Awards

Like last year, the participating companies could apply in the following eight categories:

Categories PSI Sustainability Awards

Together with all the other guests who travelled to the event, Armin Halfar and Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar, the General Managers of Halfar, waited with anticipation for the announcement of the winners in the listed categories.

…and the winners are:

The winners of the PSI Sustainability Awards 2018

Our General Managers were one of the 12 distinguished companies that had the privilege of receiving an award in the “Social Excellence” category. The jury gave the following reasons for their decision:

“Only few companies succeed in merging family-friendliness, inclusion and integration with their company DNA. Social Excellence is a task that never rests and is transparently shaped at every moment, and this year, it was documented most sustainably by Halfar’s submission.”

Download now the brochure about the winners and their campaigns.

Armin Halfar and Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar are excited about the award.

Armin Halfar and Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar are excited about the award.

“It is a great honour and pleasure to receive this award again this year. Above all else, the objective of successful cooperation is something we will continue to work on. We will continue to learn from each other and follow the objective of practising sustainable economics together with employees and partners”, said Armin Halfar, expressing his gratitude. “We also warmly congratulate the other winners! It is impressive to see the importance that sustainable issues now have in the promotional goods industry.” Kathrin Stühmeyer-Halfar added.

Thank you for the confirmation! We will continue!

Correspondingly, this award is a confirmation for all of us at Halfar on our path towards becoming a sustainable company. As described in our CSR report, we have undertaken various things and were able to achieve several milestones this year, such as the ISO 14001:2015 certification. However, there is still a lot to do, learn and undertake. In addition to gratitude for the appreciation of our work, there is nothing left but to quote the words of author Erich Kästner: “There is nothing good, unless you do it!”, and to promise that we will keep going!