Taschen mit Bildmotiven im Digitaldruck

Brilliant pictures on bags

Crystal-clear photos in bright colours and perfect quality: this is what digital printing, also called image printing, can do for you. The technology allows high-quality custom prints to be applied directly to promotional bags – a highly sought-after feature for many customers.

Whether digital printing is the right choice for a bag depends on several factors. HALFAR® also offers a wide range of other finishing methods. IN addition to regular digital printing, these include sublimation printing, digital transfer, or digital print labels. Below, we provide useful information that will help you determine whether digital printing is the right choice for you.

What is digital printing?

In digital printing, an image is sent directly from a computer to the printing machine, without any printing templates like the ones required by conventional printing methods. For this reason, it is also called direct digital printing (DDP). Digital printing produces brilliant images. Another feature that makes digital printing ideal for promotional items: Even smaller series can be printed professionally using this method.

digital print

Digital printing on bags

Using the LorryBag® tarpaulin bag as an example

The heavy-duty tarpaulin LorryBag® with digital printing is one of HALFAR®’s best-selling bags. It is also a good example for explaining the digital printing process.

HALFAR® uses cutting-edge printing machines to put digital prints on its tarpaulin messenger bags. The heavy-duty tarpaulin is printed on directly on a reel-feed printing press. Images are reproduced in 300 dpi resolution. All tarpaulins are printed before final assembly in our sewing workshop. This means that we are highly flexible and can print virtually any visible part of the bag. To protect the prints from mechanical and UV damage, we coat it with a protective finish.

digital print

When is digital printing a good option for promo content?

Digital printing is recommended for bags and backpacks whenever

    • the bag should create a lot of attention with the printed image
    • it should be noticed from afar – for instance, at trade fairs
    • the image needs to cover the entire available surface area
    • there are parallel campaigns using the same images
    • images or lines are so detailed that conventional printing methods cannot produce sufficient quality prints
digital print
digital print

… and when isn’t it?

The main criterion is the bag’s material. It needs to be suitable for the printing process. Heavy-duty tarpaulin is perfect for digital printing. It is smooth and easy to process. One reason why HALFAR® offers digital printing exclusively for tarpaulin bags for European production.

Rougher materials such as polyester, nylon or cotton are less suitable. They cannot be printed on the entire surface at HALFAR®. If you wish to order such materials with printed images, we are happy to advise you and figure out the possibilities at the manufacturing site. As an alternative, we offer digital transfer or digital print emblems – depending on the respective bag material.

digital print
digital print
digital print

Tips for a perfect printed image

Look at the whole picture
When creating your printing files, make sure that no important parts of your image are covered by seams or other external parts of the selected bag type. Your image should be centred on the bag’s lid, where it will be most visible. Image: two bags, one with good image size and one oversized

Use layout sketches
If you are creating your own printing files, refer to the layout sketches we provide.

Good files make for good images
To ensure your image will be a brilliant digital print, the quality of your files is essential. We recommend resolutions of no less than 300 dpi.

digital print
digital print
digital print

How durable is a digital print?

HALFAR® digital prints are extremely durable. For one thing, we use an optimal combination of printing machines and ink systems. Another reason is that we apply a protective finish after printing. This prevents UV-induced fading and reduces mechanical damage such as scratches. We offer our customers a 3-year warranty for our digital prints when handled and maintained properly.

digital print

This is how the costs for digital prints are calculated

Prices for digital printing include the following components:

  • Preparation costs for creating the required files
  • Printing costs
  • Handling fees

Printing costs always depend on the size of the print. You can see the printing costs for each bag type in our shop. If you have any special wishes, we will be happy to assist you in person.

What are the options with import orders?

Many of our customers already know that we offer direct imports (drop-shipping) for large quantities. In such cases, the products are finished during production at the factory. This can often be an option for quantities of 1,000 bags or backpacks and more.

Conditions may vary for high-quality digital printing. Please contact us so we can work out the ideal solution together. Non-woven or PP-string bags with image prints, millions of which are manufactured each day in Asia, are always available for drop-shipping.

digital print
digital print

Can HALFAR® bags only be printed professionally at HALFAR®?

Of course, you can have other suppliers apply prints to our bags. Due to the manufacturing process, this does not apply to our LorryBag® series and bags from the bag configurator. These bags are printed before sewing and only assembled after the printing process. The same applies for digital print labels.

Sublimation printing and digital transfer procedures can be performed on finished bags and can be done by any professional finishing shop.

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