Bags with embossing

For advertising which leaves an impression – in every sense of the word!

People have not just started embossing with the invention of promotional articles – it is a century-old process used to characterise or upgrade materials and objects. Every one of us holds something embossed in their hands almost daily, whether a coin, a ring on your finger, a leather bag, a book cover or high-quality writing paper.

Decoration which you can see and feel!

HALFAR® also uses embossing for the decoration of promotional bags. In particular, the sensuality and high level of quality of embossing makes this process extremely valuable for the application of advertising: An embossed logo caters for haptic and appearance at the same time. Embossing is perceived as sophisticated and subtle, and is a real eyecatcher - ideal for logo embossing on a promotional bag.

Embossing means the forming of material according to requirements – basically this requires pressure, temperature and time. Different processes can be used depending on what the respective effect should be.

Embossed logos – techniques and possibilities

Embossed foil printing ensures a fine gloss and strong colours. The foil which is used between the die and the material creates a fascinating light reflexion, from matt-gloss to shimmering mother of pearl.

So-called blind embossing works without ink. Using this, the most ancient of embossing processes, an embossing die presses the motif and/or lettering into the material, providing an elegant look which is subtle but effective. Motifs can be eternalised in two ways via blind embossing: Raised-embossed and elevated, or deep-embossed and pressed. HALFAR® uses deep-embossing for the decoration of promotional bags.

We are happy to advise you on which of our bags are suitable for this advertising application, and how you can achieve optimum effects through embossing.

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