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Embroidery is elegant – a classy detail

Embroidery has been around for centuries, and it has always stood for wealth and luxury. Today, cutting edge embroidering machines do what used to be the task of skilled artisans. At HALFAR®, we use this high-quality finishing method to apply embroidered designs, customer logos, and writing onto promotional bags and backpacks. Advertisement relies on being noticeable and appealing – just the right task for embroidery.

We are happy to provide you with information and tips on promotional embroidery for your bag or backpack below.

A brief history of embroidery at HALFAR®

When Armin Halfar started designing and sewing promotional bags in the 1980s, applying advertisements was not even on the agenda. Customers took care of their own printing or embroidery.

Over the years, we came up with more and more bags specifically designed for advertisement and promotional purposes, so we wanted to offer our customers these finishing touches as well. The promotional details were supposed to be just as excellent in quality as the bags themselves.

To reach this goal, HALFAR® added embroidery to its service portfolio. It was the most obvious type of finishing, as HALFAR® was already a sewing business that had always used cutting edge machinery. To date, we continuously expand and modernise our embroidery shop.

We use only the finest materials and accessories, such as stitching frames and yarns. Providing our customers with more and more colours and better and faster embroidery processes is our goal. For the perfect details on your bags.

Embroidery for advertisement?
4 questions, 4 answers

There are many exciting things about embroidery, especially as a finishing technique for promotional bags. This kind of bag is a stage for displaying your corporate design or advertisement campaign. We would be happy to advise you on how to implement your goals using embroidery, or whether some other technique might be better suited for your purposes. Below, we provide answers to a few important questions.

Do I want my logo to be extravagant or subtle?

Embroidered details are subtle and calm. Unlike the extravagant digital prints, embroidery strikes a softer chord. It conveys high quality, style and good taste. Embroidered logos can be an elegant understatement. Accordingly, many customers chose locations where the embroidery is only noticed at a second glance, or even hidden from anyone but the owner of a bag.

digital print
Embroidery on felt

What kinds of images are suitable for embroidery?

Of course, we cannot embroider photorealistic images. Colour transitions are also hardly possible. Embroidery is only used for stylised representations, making it the perfect technique for applying text, a logo, or a coat of arms.

How durable is an embroidered logo?

At HALFAR®, we ensure that all our finishing methods are as durable as possible. Embroidery is a particularly durable method to begin with, because the yarn is woven directly into the substrate, forming a very strong connection. This makes embroidery perfect for bags that are subject to heavy use, such as tool bags, specialized bags, or tactical bags./p>

Embroidery on polyester
Embroidery on cotton
Embroidery on splash

Are all bags suitable for embroidering?

Embroidery achieves the best effect on materials that match the characteristics of the yarn. We recommend felt, cotton, polyester or nylon bags. Embroidered logos, emblems, or writing look great on these materials. A consciously chosen contrast can also have its appeal, for instance in an embroidered tarpaulin bag. From a functional point of view, watertight bags should not be embroidered, as the needles of the embroidering machine perforate the material.

What are requirements and limitations for embroidering bags or backpacks?

A few criteria should be fulfilled for embroidering a bag. We will assist you in making sure your design, the bag’s material and layout, and your advertisement purposes are suitable for embroidery. The following limitations apply:

Minimum font size and thickness

For technical reasons, we cannot embroider letters smaller than 5 mm. Softer materials such as felt require even larger letter sizes.


Positioning a design on a bag

For embroidering, a frame is inserted into the bag. This means, that embroidered designs cannot be placed anywhere on a bag, but only in certain predefined locations. We provide the respective details for your design process on all our bags that can be embroidered.

Which possibilities does embroidery offer?

A design can be embroidered in many different ways. The embroidery pattern is determined by a so-called punch programme on the embroidery machine. Here are a few examples:

Bag with embroidery
Bag with embroidery

We are happy to help you decide which type of embroidery is the right choice for your bag. Find your contact person here. If you want to see what the finished product will look like, we can provide a visualization. Find out more about the possibilities here.

Which files are needed for embroidering?

Please provide images with a resolution of 72 dpi. The following file formats can be used for embroidering your design:

  • pdf
  • eps / ai
  • jpg
  • tif
  • psd

This list contains only the most common file formats used by embroidery software vendors. Other file formats may work as well; please contact us if you have any questions.


How much is embroidering going to cost?

The costs for an embroidered design vary according to the required effort, which is determined by the number of stitches. Costs for embroidering typically cover:

  • Creating the embroidery programme (punching)
  • Embroidering costs per 1,000 stitches
  • Handling fees

The way your logo is designed can have significant effects on embroidery costs:

  • Larger images require more stitches
  • Images with more embroidered surfaces require more stitches
  • Full-surface designs require more stitches than outlines
  • Frames and embroidered background require more stitches

Examples are shown below:

outline embroidery
all-over embroidery
embroidery without background
embroidery with background

Can I get HALFAR® bags embroidered elsewhere?

HALFAR® bags are designed for optimum customizability. Of course, any other company with the right equipment can apply high-quality finishing touches.

We like to offer our bags with embroidery as a one-stop-shop. As we specialize in these bags, all our equipment, including embroidery frames, is laid out specifically for this purpose.

We know all the special challenges of the embroidery process and have more than 30 years’ experience in embroidering bags and backpacks. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Embroidery at HALFAR®
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