Organizer FRAME

Article number: 1816056
Organizer FRAME
Organizer FRAME

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Product information

organizer file with two zipped main compartments; removable carry flap; range of zipped and mesh pockets; range of pouches; elastic fastening grid

height (cm): 23
width (cm): 13
depth (cm): 5
material: polyester
material property: PVC-free
packaging unit (pcs.): 50

Specialist field: organisation

Credit cards, EC cards, customer cards, driving licence, business cards, tickets, boarding pass… you might still get some of these plastic cards and documents into your wallet. But it soon reaches its limits when you get to just as important travel utensils such as pens, memo, charging cable, USP stick or earphones. This is where our FRAME organizer comes in. All that and more can be carefully inserted into two zipper compartments, or pushed in, cleverly deposited in net pockets or pinned under elastic bands. A neat performance!


Advertising Fastlane (W x H in cm):
on HFL® carrier L 5,7 x H 2,3
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