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Backpacks are really popular items. There is a reason why they are exceedingly popular as advertising materials when they are printed with your individual logo. It's quite simple: backpacks are essentially sporty, casual and down-to-earth, they are like bag buddies – even if they appear refined, high-class and technically sophisticated nowadays. Most people associate the "backpacks", as they are called, with positive experiences and values: excursions, holidays, leisure, adventure, freedom ... With regards to their advertising impact, the range of the advertising message, contact rate, likeability and benefits, personalized backpacks hold the top position as promotional items not without good reason.

What turns a backpack into a successful promotional item?

Surely its likeability – it is the most important feature of a backpack and at the same time that of every promotional item. Whether it's a cup, pen, T-shirt or even an individual advertising backpack: advertising materials only work when they generate likeable affinity and when they display practical qualities in everyday life. Furthermore, the print application should be discrete or, especially for brands, particularly original.

It is also important that the article is tuned to other possible advertising measures by the advertiser. Advertising strategies are regarded as especially successful if they create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for the target of the advertisement and bring about positive emotions. This always happens when the advertised product or service is associated with unique memories or moods.

What would be better suited for this than a customized backpack, which serves as a reminder of a holiday, hike, city trip or school or university? This supports the advertising message and gives it a positive framework. Apart from that, it is not only the wearer of the backpack who feels this emotion, but also the people around them recognize the backpack and its advertising message in this way.

For which occasions could I use advertising backpacks?

Here are some practical examples from our customers for typical areas of use for custom-printed promo backpacks:

Area of use, place



Employee gift

Backpack matches the Corporate Identity of the company

The bag appeals to a majority of employees (gender non-specific, no special area of use)

Product quality and elegance of design correspond with the desired appreciation of the employees.

The advertising message may be subversive or subtle

A sense of belonging among employees

Employees should feel they are appreciated

Link between private life and work

Bonus systems for customers and/or employees

See gifts for employees

Performance or commitment is appreciated and is rewarded

Conference, seminar or congress

Attractive design and use is coordinated to a heterogeneous target group

Plenty of space for documents

Possibly sufficient print area for logo/print application

Perfect for storage and transport of documents

Positive memories of the event, good sustainable advertising effect

Likeability factor for the event

Employee product

Best suited for the expected use, optional laptops bags and special pockets

Coordinated appearance, homogeneous use

Gift for customer, Christmas present, reward for specific achievement

Must suit specific target groups, knowledge of people, preferences, taste, use, hobbies

Appreciation, positive memories, sustainable impact of advertising

New customer acquisition, customer loyalty

Product features which relate to the target groups, clear strategic and contextual relationship to general communication, values, features meet the expectations customers have of the company, the print application suits the situation, brand message

Positive surprise

Merchandising programs

Design, value, product message is tuned to the program as a whole

High recollection value, possible cult status, expression/indicator of team spirit

Trade fair, exhibition

Comfortable to carry, enough space for bulky documents, often tends to be cost-effective because of high production runs, advertising message, colour, features for the company/matching the occasion

Bold advertising message with good distribution

Events, sponsoring

To suit the occasion, event or company

Possible space for documents

Sufficient advertising space when several sponsors are represented

Positive memory of the event, practical companion for documents

What types of advertising backpacks are there?

notebook backpack PREMIUM #1809998

Business backpack

backpack AIR #1809794

City backpack

notebook backpack FASHION #1812198

Laptop/notebook backpack

sport backpack MOVE #1809122

Leisure backpack

backpack TOUR #1803367

Trekking and touring backpack

backpack TRAIL #1809123

Hiking backpack

backpack SOLUTION #1813355


backpack SPLASH #1812214

When size matters for promo backpacks


The size of a backpack is primarily determined by its intended use. For instance, a three-day hiking trek requires a larger backpack than a quick shopping tour in the city.

There is another important factor for sizing a backpack: The height of the wearer. Children need bags that fit their size and shape. Smaller adults also want smaller backpacks than tall people. HALFAR® decided to come up with a solution for this issue. Our STEP backpack series includes two sizes, medium and large. Customers can choose how many backpacks of which size they need.

Finishing, accessories and material are important!

When you are considering the correct choice for an individualized promotional backpack, there is a lot to consider. The most important criteria you should have a clear understanding of are as follows:

  • Target group
  • Desired effect
  • Value
  • Function and type of use (situation, occasions, capacity, weight)
  • Occasion
  • Budget

The budget is the decisive issue for the right choice of backpack. Depending on its height, the accessories, material and size of bag will vary. The budget for single backpacks often decreases when production runs increase. Then together we will find a good compromise between material and accessories, which will suit the purpose of use. Fundamentally, you as the customer can rely on the fact that all backpacks supplied by us are of above-average finishing quality.

But what constitutes a higher price? High-grade promotional backpacks often differ from cheaper versions in the following points:

  • High-grade material (not polyester or nylon)
  • Many accessories such as:
    • Carrying system
    • Spacer fabrics at the back
    • Shoulder pads
    • Buckles and fasteners
    • Zipped pockets
    • Length adjustable, reinforced straps, sometimes also hip straps
    • Inside pouches, organisers, inside pockets
    • Inner lining
    • Extras such as head plug opening, laptop pockets
    • Reinforced bottom
    • Cords
Carrying system
Spacer fabric at the back
Zipper compartments
Headphone opening
Insert pouches and organizers
Key clip
Inside pockets

How promo backpacks achieve successful advertising: tips

This is how you choose the correct model for your target group.

Of course it is important for the success of your advertisement that the backpack is suitable for your target group. Try to understand your customers.

  • What will they use the backpack for?
  • What is their style – sporty or elegant?
  • What do they like?
  • Do they need a large backpack or has a drawstring bag the right size?
  • Will this backpack contribute to the identification of this target group?
Roll-up backpack KURIER ECO #1803908

This is how to best position your advertising message.

After all, the placement of the advertising message is of central importance to the sustainability of the advertising success. In contrast to undecorated items (often found in premium systems) certain parameters have to be considered when applying a print:

The technology.

Colour grades and line thickness are specifically differentiated to achieve a required solution. HALFAR® can offer the appropriate technology in-house for almost all requirements – from print and embroidery to emblems.

The size.

The choice is left to your taste of course. In practice the following applies: the logo is presented quite large and strikingly for trade fair bags or especially trendy brands; for businesses they tend to be smaller. A subtle or hidden placement of logos and adverting messages is also possible – this can provide a particular identity as an insider or iconic item depending on the case.

The effects.

A doming or a 3D label provide plastic effects, combinations of several techniques create special looks. We are happy to advise you should you have particular ideas.

The specifics.

If you would like extraordinary shapes e.g. cut, retro-look, numbering for limited editions, individual names etc.? This is also possible - just contact us.

In short: you have many options to create the best, individualised promotional backpacks. Only the perfect combination of advertising message and backpack allows the creation of the perfect and lasting promotional item. And if you offer a bag series that does not only contain a backpack but also a shoulder bag with the same logo, you will make an even better impression.

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