A bag for a Christmas gift

What a Christmas present: an individual bag

The same question year after year: what do we give our customers for Christmas? One thing is for sure: it should be high quality, should appeal to men and women, should be different from the competition, should be useful and should match your company's corporate design. Lots of demands that one Christmas gift idea lives up to: the promotional bag.

Bags or backpacks as ideal customer gifts for Christmas

Now you have to choose: how about a shoulder bag or an all-rounder? A cult LorryBag® made from tarpaulin? A refined felt bag? The smart shopper BASKET? Or how about an inimitable individual bag made from your own material?

HALFAR® fulfils lots of bag requirements - and not just at Christmas time. And: with our beautiful gift boxes, you can further increase the value of your bag.

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