Flap Bag MODUL 1 #1805020 with city map

Bags with city maps and advertising

A promotional item that is leading the way

Being able to bring the city map on the bag is certainly practical. With the city map bags from Way OK, under licence from HALFAR®, you are guaranteed a promotional item with a special benefit and witticism. The map bags are in fact casual courier bags. A city plan is printed on the front. The map on the bag is customised - it doesn't matter which city, which region, which continent, or which purpose (congress, exhibition etc.)

The map bag is a promotional item that is interesting for both companies and city marketing organisations. An individual map bag can be produced from up to 500 units. With individual directions and locations, integrated advertising messages on the map or simply a map of airports, underground stations of the Deutsche Bahn railway network. When it comes to merchandising productions, map bags are ideal. Map bags are perfectly suited to city marketing or for marketing tourist attractions in connection with directions.

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