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Printed companions for the office

Business bags are daily companions for professionals. Whether it is during the regular journey to work by car or train, short flights on airplane or simply for the weekend: intelligently designed bags and backpacks for work transport all the everyday necessities.

Something not to be forgotten: the fashion aspect. The selected shape, colour and function make sure that the business bag becomes a calling card. And not just for the person carrying it, but for the company advertising on the bag. After all, the custom-printed business bag has long been a marketing component for lots of companies. A bag designed to match the Corporate Design allocates the employee or customer to a group and creates identification. Anyone carrying it shows: I am proud to work at the company or be its customer and partner.

business bags:

1.5 million people commute more than 50 km to their work place1 everyday by car or public transport. Even more people set out on a shorter journey to work everyday - on foot or by bike. According to the Federal Office of Statistics2 the number of people employed in 2012 was around 41.5 million. What do all of these millions have with them every morning? A bag.

This is often filled with technology and work materials, especially among office workers. There can be a lot in the bag: from laptop or tablet, to a charging cable, spare hard drive, mouse and document. Other items inside are personal things for the journey and working day - from breakfast and a newspaper to gloves and sunglasses. Everything needs to be packed in an organised way and be optimally protected.

Which bag for which purpose?

The utensils for a day at the office usually fit in a shoulder bag or backpack. A cleverly arranged inside layout with lots of compartments, and an organizer for example, provides tidy organisation.

If a notebook or tablet is kept inside, it is best transported well padded in a special notebook bag. It is usually big enough so that personal items can easily fit inside as well.

Business bag with organizer features
Business bag with notebook compartment

Travel or roller bags usually come into play if the journey or business trip is longer or if there are lots of documents.

They also offer storage capacity for one or several night stays during a business trip. Inside compartments, for example a shoe pocket or front pockets create space and organisation. It is important that the bags are robust and suitable for everyday use. The quality features are particularly high quality zips, smooth running wheels, a robust frame and durable materials that protect against the weather and impacts, as well as reinforced corners and edge protection.

Business bag with inside pockets
Business bag with shoe compartment
Business bag with wheels
Business bag with trolley handle

Comfort is just as important as design

Comfort means that the customized business bag can be carried comfortably, e.g. it is equipped with:

  • padded handles
  • or a padded grip sleeve
  • a padded back (on backpacks)
  • shoulder pads
  • ergonomically shaped carrying straps

Examples from the HALFAR® range

The MISSION business bag is the classic choice among conventional business companions: made of sturdy nylon 1680D, this bag protects valuable business items and offers a huge wealth of compartments, storage options and organisation systems for the professional business traveller. The bag is available in four basic colours and can be perfectly individualised.

The notebook backpack is also part of the MISSION series. It can provide the same attributes as the business bag. Anyone who does not want to do without the additional comfort of a printed backpack is best served with the MISSION.

HALFAR® recommends the MISSION travel bag or roller bag decorated with your individual logo for several day business trips.

A trolley is also a good alternative, such as the JET laptop trolley. Made of high quality nylon and equipped with first class quality zips, the trolley also convinces with generously sized, well organised storage space.

Lots of business travellers like to take a garment bag instead of, or in addition to, a suitcase or travel bag. It keeps suits, shirts, jackets and skirts freshly ironed and free of creases. HALFAR® also has show bags like the SOLUTION that are made of high quality polyester 600d. In these you can carry your shoes comfortably in your suitcase so that the other clothes do not get dirty. Thanks to the 2-way- zipper and ventilation your shoes stay fresh.

The custom printed business bag as a promotional bag

Customized bags as a work or business companion represent a specific category in promotional bags. It has long been known that promotional bags are some of the most successful promotional items. Possible uses are as follows:

Corporate Design for Employees / Corporate Fashion

Professional companies provide their employees with CD compliant equipment. This firstly shows their affiliation to the company to others and internally reinforces the employees' identification with the company. Examples are equipment such as writing instruments, notebooks, clothing and bags. Bags of a complete series are very favourable here since different bag models can be combined and individual employees receive an appropriate bag for a certain use.

Bonus systems for customers or employees

Lots of companies offer bonus systems for customers and employees. Premiums such as bags and backpacks are frequently used. Whether these are branded, i.e. decorated with a logo, generally depends on whether they are premiums for employees or customers.

Customer or employee gifts

In this case, the personalized bag or backpack is a promotional item. The possible occasions are varied: presents for Christmas or anniversaries, as a recognition award or even as a customer loyalty tool for customer acquisition or key account support.

Rounding off the product: the perfect print application

A business bag only becomes a professional promotional item once it is decorated with a logo.

How this is designed depends on the company's Corporate Design, the planned value of the presentation, the target group it is intended for and the image being aimed for. The range extends from a very subversive design, such as with little woven labels, domings or subtle embroidery through to very striking interpretations. HALFAR® offers 12 print application technologies in its own company and professionally implements customer wishes.

Quality and material selection for HALFAR® bags:

HALFAR® is one of the leading, professional providers of promotional bags in Europe and attaches great importance to the quality of the product and independent designs.

Some of the quality aspects include:

Perfect finish, material choice and decoration

HALFAR® uses high quality materials adapted to the respective use, without exception. They can display different properties depending on the direction taken and the customer's preferences: very light, robust, shiny, matt or woven with different patterns.

High quality zips, accessories and contents perfect the quality and appearance of the bag. The print application techniques such as silkscreen print, transfer print, digital print, digital print labels, embroidery, metal emblems, woven labels and individual shipment or gift boxes are additional aspects. HALFAR® gives its customers a 3 year guarantee if the product is handled correctly.

Choice of material for business bags
Laws/directives for checking the contents

Checking the contents

HALFAR® products are subject to different legal requirements depending on the place of use and the purpose. All legal regulations are fulfilled and some are even exceeded. Some examples of fundamental laws/directives are LFGB and BedGgstV as well as DIN EN 71 and REACH. Customer wishes that go beyond the legal framework can also be implemented.

The HALFAR® quality management system is accredited by Bureau Veritas. The tested materials label documents the proper and professional procedure.

Social compliance

The fair and social handling of employees at our production sites in Asia is the third component of the HALFAR® quality promise. HALFAR® has been a dedicated member of the amfori BSCI for many years.

BSCI logo

Business bags from HALFAR®

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