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A real expert as a promotional item

Content: Important appointments on the yearly agenda for many people working in science, politics and business: conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums, meetings or customer events. They are somewhere where experts, interested people and customers come together to discuss a certain specialist subject – and advertise their opinions and projects. Companies also use these meetings to reach a very special target group with their products and services. Conference bags as promotional items provide the perfect support. After all, they carry the message directly to experts at the conference – and continue advertising after the event within the target group's environment. We will introduce you to the possibilities offered by printed conference bags, conference backpacks or seminar bags.

What distinguishes a conference bag?

Conference bags do not belong to a fixed category. The term ultimately refers to bags that are suitable for use at conferences and similar meetings; they therefore belong to the conference products.

A range of different types of bags can be classified as conference bags: they are often general shoulder bags but there are also conference backpacks. Seminar bags, business bags, laptop bags, event bags or shoppers, conference folders and briefcase bags with your logo can also fulfil the functions that are important for these events.

The following qualities generally characterise a conference bag, which should be used as printed promotional items:
    • Comfort with a shoulder strap or handles
    • Size, packing dimensions and volumes
    • Organizer elements for storing pens, writing utensils and business cards
    • Possibly mobile phone pockets or compartments for laptop and tablets etc.
    • Practical handling thanks to zipper compartments etc.
    • A harmonious look to suit the target group

Read more about conference bags printed as promotional items and the advantages of these sustainable promotional items in chapter "4. Bags as promotional items: advantages".

Examples of possible uses

Whether you arrange for a conference bag or conference backpack to be printed as a promotional item – the possibilities of use are wide-ranging. Here are several examples:

  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Seminars
  • Symposiums
  • Meetings
  • Incentives
  • Press conferences
  • Customer events and functions
  • Conventions
  • Exhibitions / in-house trade fairs
  • Courses and colloquia
  • Expert forums
  • Open day for expert audiences

Conference bags and conference backpacks from HALFAR®

HALFAR® offers a huge selection of suitable promotional bags, which can be printed or embroidered with logos. Which matches the respective company and message depends on the demands, target group and budget. A differentiation can generally be made between two types: conference bags and conference backpacks.

Conference bags and promotional items

Some examples from the HALFAR® range.

congress bag SOLUTION #1808810

Seminar bag SOLUTION
The young bag with lots of compartments and good comfort, available in a large range of colours.

congress bag BASIC #1805510

Seminar bag BASIC
Compact form and huge colour variety. This seminar bag is kind on the budget.

shoulder bag BUSINESS #1800775

Shoulder bag BUSINESS
The bag with the well organised inside layout where everything has its place; from pens and note pads to business cards. With coloured flap and side-release buckle.

event bag EASY #1807790

Shoulder bag EASY
With a characteristic handle and Velcro fastening. An eye-catcher for confident companies and projects. Also available as a smaller event bag.

event bag BASIC #1805513

Event bag BASIC
This bag with the striking zip is modest yet gripping. The fresh, simple solution for transporting paperwork and documents. Available in lots of colours.

shouder bag DISPLAY #1809115

Display bag
The flexible tarpaulin bag for changing or current messages e.g. for a promotion team. Print-outs can be inserted in the film window. Available in high or long formats and as a cost-effective ECO bag.

LorryBag® Original 1 #1101401

The iconic tarpaulin bag as a promotional item available in many different models – from the cost-effective ECO stocked bag to the unique LorryBag® Original 1 and 2, which can be individually customised to suit the Corporate Design with more than 43 colours and lots of features.

Conference backpacks
Thanks to their excellent comfort, backpacks are increasingly entering the world of business and are accepted at seminars or congresses – always depending on the target group and message.

Bags as promotional items: advantages

Promotional bags are very popular and successful advertising mediums. And there are plenty of reasons why. As an individualized conference bag they act as a mobile advertising space at the actual event, right in the middle of the relevant target group, and are also used for a long time to come - depending on the quality of the bag.

Other advantages:
    • The haptic perception: studies* prove that this significantly improves recollection of the advert
    • The emotional link to a special event such as a conference or lecture etc.
    • The practical benefits for packing, transporting and protecting objects
    • The mobility, which makes a contribution towards carrying the message to the target group
    • Its sustainability as an advertising medium, which is used for a long time
    • The likeable appearance as a fashion accessory
    • Its function as a "calling card" for the person carrying it and the company
    • The various options for print application
    • The individuality of the optimally coordinated design, colour, shape and material choice

* Advertising effect study by Dima market research

Printing or embroidery with logo and more

Promotional bags are designed and produced especially to fulfil their purpose as an advertising bag. This is why all advertising bags from HALFAR® offer good opportunities for decoration.

Which advertising possibilities are best used for the event depends on the bag material and the desired effect. It is certain that the respective decoration is an essential element in giving the personal conference bag the right effect. HALFAR® offers a wealth of options for individually coordinating logos and advertising messages.

Conference bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
Our company film reveals what makes Conference bags from HALFAR® so special.

Your Conference bags - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Conference bags :

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