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Cool promotional gifts

It makes sure that drinks stay cool, shopping stays safe, snacks stay fresh and camping trips stay fun – while also drawing attention to brands and companies: a personalized cool bag as a promotional item. For the user or recipient, it is a reliable companion for more than just one summer; like a portable fridge for every occasion. A cool bag indisputably combines function and emotion in the best possible way. After all, it links advertising to the very moments in life: a summer outing, an afternoon at the lake, a picnic, a holiday, a cycle trip with friends. Combined with an individualized promotional message, these memories are effective. And remain so.

Cool bags –
what is available on the market?

The function of cool bags is clearly defined: they keep food and drinks cool. They do this by using a range of materials – more on this later. To keep the contents cooler for longer, ice packs are often placed in the bag alongside the food and drinks. There is no hard-and-fast rule about the cooling performance of a bag, its shape, volume or size. Here are a few types of cool bags available on the market.

The cool shopper
Cool bags are very often used as promotional items in the form of a cool shopper. The focus of shoppers like this with a cooling function is the practical use for transportation. But the shape and design also allow other applications: cool shoppers make ideal leisure or picnic bags, for example.

The cooler
A box made from rigid material. A common sight at the beach, pool or lake. Its plastic body makes it easy to pack. There are also electric coolers for the car. The disadvantage of this type of cool bag is that their compact shape makes them unwieldy and difficult to transport. They are also too large and bulky for some leisure uses.

The cooler shoulder bag 
Less complex cool bags can be used to keep a drink or meal cool for a longer period, for example during a long drive or cycle tour. These bags often have a shoulder strap or carry handles for ease of transportation. There are also special bicycle cool bags that can be attached to a bicycle.

The mini-cooler or folding cooler
This small bag keeps snacks and drinks cans cool for later. When it is not needed, this type of bag can often be folded up practically. Some bags can also be carried on a bicycle, for example.

Cool bags in bright colours

The purpose of cool bags is clearly defined – luckily, their looks are not. They are available in various shapes and sizes as well as many different colours. These design options help make cool bags so popular as promotional items, as they make it possible to have the bags perfectly match any corporate design, special promotion, or brand.

cool bag orange big
cool bag yellow
cool bag orange
cool bag red
cool bag fuchsia
cool bag navy
cool bag black
cool bag apple green
cool bag white

Depending on the intended use for the cool bag, certain colour schemes make more sense than others. If it is intended for picnics, family outings, or summer vacations, summer colours are a good choice. Sun yellow, grass green, bright red or blue, even white. Spring colours like apple green, light blue and other soft colours are still fresh but look a little more subtle.

Cool bags intended for everyday use such as shopping or work breaks can be designed using more subdued colours. For instance, a navy blue, black or anthracite shopping cooler also looks good at the office. Of course, multi-coloured designs are possible as well. Popular options include black or white details such as zippers, straps, or web pouches that set accents. As a finishing touch, a printed or embroidered logo adds to the friendly, colourful appearance.

cool bag red big
cool bag white
cool bag orange
cool bag apple green
cool bag light blue
cool bag navy
cool bag anthracite

What makes a cool bag a cool bag

Some functions and features are essential for a cool bag, others are optional and may be important depending on the different requirements. Here is a list of possible properties and qualities:

  • Environmentally-friendly inner film, seamless welding
  • Thermo-reflective insulation
  • Food-safe EVA inner film
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Easy cleaning
  • All-round zip for easy packing
  • Internal net pockets
  • Fold up small for space-saving storage
  • Shoulder straps and carry handles
  • Rigid liner base
  • Outer pockets for cutlery etc.
  • Robust outer fabric
  • Sufficient volume for rinks cans, PET bottles, pizza boxes etc.

Tailored cool bags

Cool bags do of course offer the option of customisation. Whether it is the size, colour, materials or design – many requests can be turned into reality. Sometimes individual adaptation of a certain stock bag is enough and sometimes a customised bag is required.

Tailored cool bags

We are pleased to create design suggestions in the form of visualisations with no obligation. We also offer our customers prototypes to subsequent examine the design and quality. In comparison to lots of bags and backpacks, cool bags differ considerably from the other bags in the range in terms of material. The cooling function requires the use of certain foils. We always offer materials that are suitable for use with food.

The cool bag as an advertising medium

For the food sector in particular, a bag with cooling function is an effective advertising medium – from yoghurt to soft drinks and even chocolate. But companies from other sectors looking to advertise also use printed cool bags as advertising media, including the tourism, travel and leisure segments. Here are a few examples of the fields of use in marketing:

The cool bag as ...

Printing and embroidering cool bags

Only once the promotional message is applied does a cool bag become an advertising medium. HALFAR® offers a range of options for decoration. These can be used singly or in combination and depend on the type of bag.

Embroidering cool bags
Printing cool bags
Options for applying a promotional message:

HALFAR® also offers appropriate present and gift boxes for the presentation situation or shipping, from standard to tailor-made solutions.

The quality of HALFAR® cool bags

Customized cool bags may sometimes be a good value option as a promotional item or promotional gift, but they are certainly not low quality. Even as a promotional item, a bag needs to do what it promises. That is why HALFAR® provides a three-year warranty on the workmanship and materials – one year longer than in specialist trade. Only tested material qualities, produced and processed in line with strict quality aspects, are used. In addition, HALFAR® pays great attention to the processing process and the social standards in production in the countries of manufacture. That is why HALFAR® is an amfori BSCI member.

BSCI logo

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