Courier backpacks as promotional items

The practical backpack - not only for couriers

Bike couriers need them. Cyclists love them. And advertisers make use of them. Courier backpacks as promotional items. Since a courier backpack is both practical and robust. With a printed logo or an embroidered logo, a courier backpack quickly turns into a dynamic promotional item. After all, the backpack provides an ideal advertising surface on the back of the bike couriers and, therefore, is clearly visible for everyone in the city.

Made of Tarpaulin

The waterproof material is characteristic for courier backpacks. A bike courier’s backpack frequently consists of tarpaulin or other robust materials. Numerous courier bags are closed in a waterproof manner, with a roll closure.

Target Groups Sport and Travel

Thanks to their practical qualities and high level of functionality, the bags, which were originally developed for bike couriers, are also ideally suited as travel luggage for water sports, e.g. sailing and canoeing. Needless to say, they are also perfectly suited for mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, etc.. In every case, the courier backpacks with print or embroidery advertising are an enormously effective promotional item, as they are frequently used on a daily basis. Particularly those companies and brands working in the field of sport and leisure time, or those that are targeting their advertising at a young, active target group, advertise successfully on this medium.

The image shows an example from the HALFAR® product range:


Backpack, made of black tarpaulin with roll closure. The material and processing design ensure a particularly weather-resistant backpack that is suitable for daily use. The fasteners are simple and easy to operate and the straps are comfortable and length adjustable. The advertising is printed via silkscreen and is very striking on the black material.

PS: Needless to say, the form of the COURIER backpack can also be realised as a special edition with special-wish tarpaulin colours and advertising – as can be demonstrated here, using the example of the DHL Express backpacks.

It goes without saying that we at HALFAR® develop and decorate your backpack by taking account of the aspects that form part of the Corporate Design. We recommend silkscreen printing for the decoration. As an expert for promotional bags, HALFAR® would be happy to advise you on how you can attain the perfect individualised design for your bag.

Additional backpacks, as well as promotional item bags for sporting activities, can be found in the bag finder, in a practical overview.

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