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Trade fairs and exhibitions represent the biggest cost in the communication budget for many companies. The exhibition stand is the central place for company advertisement. However, the space is of course limited. Furthermore, every exhibitor who wants to be noticed has to rely on the customer or potential customer coming directly to them. A custom printed exhibition bag is a good solution for grabbing attention beyond the exhibition stand. Hundreds of customers do advertising for the exhibitor directly at the trade fair. Free of charge and effectively. After all, they are carrying the exhibition bag they receive as a mobile advertising space. This allows them to advertise far beyond the exhibition stand – and after the event.

Using exhibition bags effectively

In order to use a bag effectively as a promotional bag at an exhibition, it should be understood as a marketing tool and strategically integrated in communication. There is always the initial question: which message do I want to convey and how do I differentiate the company from the wealth of competitors?

What an exhibition bag can do:

Grab attention:
Interested visitors and customers at the exhibition should notice the advertisement on the printed exhibition bag. Ideally it should make them curious and lead them to the stand. The name and exhibition stand should therefore be clearly communicated.

Make itself useful:
The bag should - if the budget allows - be comfortable to wear and provide enough storage space.

Evoke desire:
The bag should be practical and attractive. Customers might solely come to the stand with the aim of getting a personalized bag. If higher quality bags come into question, they can even be specifically integrated in the invitation campaign (e.g. via a collection coupon). Some companies set up the individual exhibition bag campaign over many years. It might become a ritual for the customers to come to the stand on the first day of the exhibition to collect their bag.

Studies on the effect of promotional items

Studies now exist on the effect of promotional items, how advertising companies use them and how customers use them later.

Important aspects are:

Studies prove that buying decisions are influenced by multi-sensory impressions*. The haptic experience thereby supports the recollection of the advert. Promotional items that can be held and felt therefore have strong potential for success. Promotional bags, and customized exhibition bags, are included in this group - they can reinforce the effect even more with the conscious use of suitable materials.

Promotional items that are used increase the advertising success with frequent use. Bags are items of everyday use that can be used over long periods if the quality is good.

Advertising materials, including bags, can be "branded" by using decoration. Individualisation goes even further with exhibition bags because the colour, material and style can be perfectly coordinated to the Corporate Design. On the other hand, special editions means that tailor-made, unique bags are possible.

Exhibition bags as promotional items

* Further info/studies on the subject:

Tips on choosing the right exhibition bag

Almost any bag can generally be used as an exhibition bag - however there are some specific parameters to consider so that its use is a success for everyone.

Here are several aspects for choosing the right bag for an exhibition:

Size and weight.
They are, of course, important for the person carrying the bag - but also for the advertising company. Is there enough storage space on the exhibition stand for large volume bags? Has transport been clarified? Would a folding, lighter solution be more practical?

Print application.
It should make people curious, be high quality and grab attention.

Is the bag only made for use at the exhibition? Or has it been selected/designed for being used after the exhibition as well? The material and finish should be aligned to the application and period of use.

Is the printed exhibition bag a mass item to be handed out as a give-away or will it only be given to selected customers and should therefore be more high quality?

Choosing the right exhibition bag

Which bags come into question as exhibition bags?

Non-woven bags.

Due to the large quantity (give-aways) lots of companies decide on simple and low-cost models. Non-woven (fleece bags) as carry bags are usually used. The term non-woven refers to a material that is not woven but where the fibres are pressed together.
HALFAR® offers these bags as a direct import from China. The minimum order quantity is 5,000 units. These bags can be decorated with a motif using the silkscreen print method. Alternatively, there are also laminated versions where a photo print is even possible.

Non-woven exhibition bag
Non-woven exhibition bag

Polyester or nylon bags.
A high quality woven product made of polyester or nylon is a good choice for people who tend towards a higher budget in favour of comfort, individuality and value.

Truck tarpaulin bags.

The truck tarpaulin bag is not only good for automobile trade fairs. The material is exceptionally robust and durable and has its very own character. Furthermore, tarpaulin is available in many colours and provides a CD compliant, high attention appearance. Printed truck tarpaulin bags for exhibitions are available in many different versions, from less expensive stocked bags in the ECO versions to the customised LorryBag®, which is rather a high quality incentive.

Promotional bags for multiple use.

The concept of the DisplayBag ECO is particularly clever. An individual advertisement can be pushed in behind the transparent front. The advantage: maximum flexibility for changing advertising messages. Ideal for exhibitions, promotions and for multiple use.

Bags with storage space.

Customers and potential customers often collect huge amounts of documents at trade fairs and exhibitions. They need bags with storage space where everything can be packed while saving on space. One reason why spacious, robust and universal use bags are a huge advantage. Of course, documents such as prospectuses and catalogues can also be presented individually and stylishly in smaller bags and handed over in handy packaging, e.g. in briefcase bags with logo print.

Space miracle: the Shopper XL (figures 2 and 3) can be folded down to a minimum to save space. Also perfect for integrating the bag in the invitation – or vice versa!

Bags with comfort.

Anyone who has walked around an exhibition hall all day knows how important a practical and comfortable bag can be. It is the case that very inexpensive bags generally have limited wear comfort. However, even these bags can be subsequently upgraded, e.g. with soft padded handle loops, which can usually be placed over the shoulder. It becomes even more comfortable if a carry bag can be changed into a backpack for example:

Exhibition backpacks are also a good solution in terms of wear comfort. The ECO Kurier model has been designed according to ergonomic principles and offers plenty of storage space. In addition, this is a guarantee that the bag is used sensibly after the exhibition.


The entire world of promotional bags is open to potential customers if you use something a bit more special. There are good reasons to hand out free high quality bags at an exhibition. Firstly, the complete range does not need to be made of the best material and design. A mixture of inexpensive give-aways and exclusive customer gifts can be the right path to take.
Secondly, some companies are giving media representatives or selected key accounts special services, for example. Other firms attend smaller, but more exclusive exhibitions. Here the companies know each other and the advertiser knows that the printed high quality exhibition bag will be appreciated.

Several examples:

Rounding off the product:
the perfect print application

The most frequent reason for using an exhibition bag is its striking advertising effect. This is why the print application is extremely important. After all, the bag should be noticed throughout the exhibition, brands or logos communicated and a high recognition effect achieved. However, even if it should be more subtle and the bag is to be used as a high quality gift for good customers, you still need the option of discreet printing or embroidery.

As a specialist for promotional bags and the corresponding print application techniques, HALFAR® offers a wealth of options:

decoration of exhibition bags with silkscreen print

In the majority of cases, the classic silkscreen print or embroidery are used as printing techniques. HALFAR® offers the option of decorating your chosen bags in-house at its site and is therefore particularly flexible in terms of individual implementation and speed.

decoration of exhibition bags with embroidery

Depending on the aim and the customer's wishes, you have the possibility of decorating your bags with metal emblems, digital print labels, woven labels and many more alternatives. Find out more on the print application page.

Quality bags from HALFAR®

With our feel for fashion, trends and markets, we can provide you with explicit advice on designing and choosing the right bag. We make sure the advertising company and its employees like the bag as much as exhibition visitors and customers. Although people will always have different tastes, we ensure that the finish and quality will certainly convince.

The HALFAR® brand stands for premium products and extensive service. Our quality claim extends over three areas of work:

3 year warranty for exhibition bags

High quality bags and backpacks thanks to the best materials, contents and precise finishing. We provide a 3 year guarantee on our products.

Standards of quality for exhibition bags through tested materials

Tested materials: we fulfil and sometimes exceed the legal framework for our products with respect to chemicals. We are pleased to provide you with detailed information.

Halfar is amfori BSCI member

Social compliance: our bags and backpacks are manufactured with conscious responsibility towards our partner producers. This is why we have been a member of amfori BSCI for years.

Exhibition bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
Our company film reveals what makes Exhibition bags from HALFAR® so special.

Your Exhibition bags - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Exhibition bags :

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