Bags and rucksacks for incentive programs

Ideal for customer and employee loyalty programs

From premium leisure bags to business bags and specialised trekking rucksacks, bags are outstanding premiums and play a vital role in many professional award and incentive programs. After all, it is here that incentive bags can really show off what they can do.

Bags work well in loyalty and gift concepts

On the one hand, there is the wide range of uses. On the other, bags and backpacks are a popular customer incentive item and are perceived as useful and long-lasting, as studies have shown.This image is the perfect match for the objectives of gift programmes. After all, all gift programmes have one thing in common: they reward good performance, increase interest in and appreciation of the company, and hope to enhance or stabilise good relations. In that sense, gift bags and backpacks are an outstanding tool for customer retention.

Incentive bags from stock or custom-made

The manufacturer HALFAR® offers incentive bags for almost any customer desire or requirement, regardless of the design, target audience or value. Be it premium and sophisticated, good-value and universal or creative and unique, the Bielefeld-based bag experts' long-standing full-range policy ensures an extremely extensive range of bags and backpacks as individual customer gifts. The bag manufacturer's range includes not only stock goods, but also custom bags made according to customer specifications. Here each customer can have the shape, function and material of the bag tailored directly for his incentives, events or promotions, or as a highly-individual gift.

Needless to say, every incentive bag or rucksack – be it from stock or custom-made – can be decorated with a logo or advertising message. HALFAR® offers a wide range of personalization techniques for this, from screen or digital printing to embroidery, various labels, doming and much more. HALFAR® implements every decoration request at its own headquarters in Bielefeld.

Especially suitable bags

All bags in the HALFAR® specialist range are essentially suitable for use as promotional bags and thus also as gifts or incentives. However, long-lasting bags and backpacks with particularly good craftsmanship and a selected design are especially recommended for use as gifts. After all, if one views a gift as a reward or as something to be purchased with points from a discount or customer loyalty scheme, it is clear that those receiving the bag will expect a high-quality item. This is just one reason why HALFAR® highlights certain products that are especially suitable as gift bags or backpacks. A three-year guarantee provides peace of mind. Many of these items have already proved themselves as gifts or incentives – and HALFAR®'s good reputation in this category supports this.

Which bag for which incentive? Examples.

The bag chosen for a specific loyalty programme or incentive depends on a range of factors, including the sender, the target audience, the exact objective and the desired nature of the incentive or gift programme. A few examples for choosing a suitable bag: 

Notebook bags, which support the idea of a mobile office with high-quality handwork and plenty of functions, are recommended for business customers or those with a high affinity for technology. Covers for smartphones, tablets and more can also be used as a better-value smaller gift or courtesy. Messenger bags and sport and leisure bags are considered real all-rounders. The various options available are popular with both men and women and are very versatile. Shoppers and shopping bags also offer plenty of options and are especially ideal as incentives and gifts in retail.

Sporty backpacks are a popular choice for travel, sport and leisure activities and for younger target groups. Cool bags with the right decoration can be effective gifts or incentives – ideally in the food sector. Custom bags are a particularly special and individual option. HALFAR® can even work with the customer's own material – bags made from coffee sacks, airline seats, bicycle tyres and much more are all part of our repertoire. These bags are particularly high-status gifts, as their uniqueness gives them especially high value.

The experts at HALFAR® will be happy to advise customers on the options available and to support them in choosing the perfect bags for successful gifts and incentives.

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