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The LorryBag® puts advertisements into motion

Invented by HALFAR® - the bag made of lorry tarpaulins for individualised advertisements. The tarpaulin LorryBag® has been used for years as an advertisement medium firmly positioned in the overtaking lane. These legendary courier bags stand out due to their almost indestructible material in many colours. They present possibilities for photo-realistic advertising prints in bright colours.They are astonishingly inexpensive for tarpaulin bags. And they can be used for many different purposes. HALFAR® offers the LorryBag® as a shoulder bag in three different versions with many extras:

LorryBag® Original – 43 colours, 1,000 possibilities

The original. No other tarpaulin bag provides so many opportunities. Here (almost) everything is freely selectable. A LorryBag® Original is unmistakeable; each one is produced according to the customer's wishes within Europe. Select from a wide spectrum of 43 colour shades. A variety which makes alignment to a particular Corporate Design and advertising message easy. Then determine the individual accessories, such as extra compartments and pockets, for example for mobile phones and Notebooks. The LorryBag Original is supplied in two model versions:

  • LorryBag® Original 1, the classic with the large Velcro flap, in four different sizes or formats
  • LorryBag® Original 2, the smart version with a buckle fastener and Notebook compartment in the standard series

LorryBag® ECO – The quick and economical bag

The deadline is tight, the budget limited and it still has to be an individually decorated tarpaulin bag? Then the stocked bags LorryBag® ECO and LorryBag® ECO 2 are the right choice. The LorryBag® ECO offers a choice of 12 colours and 2 formats (long and high). The LorryBag® ECO 2 impresses with a striped strap, side-release buckle and laptop compartment as standard. And all of that at an unbeatable price.

LorryBag® Module – free design of the flap

The flap is the eyecatcher on every LorryBag® – whether refined using a highly individual photo print or in a selected colour with a discreet logo print. The LorryBag® Module provides you free range with its flap in 43 different tarpaulin colours and also 7 colour shades of sophisticated felted wool. The rest of the bag, the body, is preassembled in four different colours, and stored ready for use. After the production and refinement of your flap, the bag sewing is finished in Europe.

How can I refine a LorryBag®

The follwoing are basically possible:

  • full-surface digital print (except for LorryBag® ECO, felt)
  • screen print
  • embroidery
  • metal emblem
  • digital print label

Restrictions are placed on some models. We are happy to advise you.

Which LorryBag® provides what; which is the right one for me?

Compare the different LorryBag® products now and find the right tarpaulin bag for you - using the Who is who amongst our tarpaulin bags.

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