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Be it sport, film or music, merchandising items can be found in almost every sector today. Anyone who has ever been a big fan of a famous sports club or musician is almost certain to have bought some fan item or other at some point in order to identify himself with the person or club. Typical merchandising items like t-shirts, cups and key rings are not always on show, as they disappear into coat pockets or are only used at home or in the office. The advantage of an individual merchandising bags is that they attract a great deal of attention in public with a striking logo. After all, merchandising bags and backpacks are our constant companions, in which we keep our most important personal possessions. This makes merchandising bags useful in myriad ways and ideally suited to your next promotional campaign.

What exactly are merchandising bags?

Merchandising can be done in the form of brand transfer or licensing. In brand transfer, a brand that is already established is transferred to a new product in the range. One example is when, alongside the sporty clothing it already offers branded with the club logo, a famous football club decides to offer individually printed sports bags for its fans. Here, the club takes care of marketing the products itself.

In licensing, on the other hand, the club grants or sells licences to agencies and specialist sports retailers, for example, who are very familiar with the field. These then decide to offer a new sports bag and print it with the design of the licensing company.

In both cases, the customer is the actual user of the bag, as he can buy it in the club shop, for example. Because bags are an everyday item, they are ideal as merchandising products.

What benefits and options for use does the sale of printed merchandising bags offer?

With a merchandising bag from HALFAR®, customers and fans can visibly identify with the company. After all, unlike promotional bags, personalized merchandising bags are not a gift but are purchased voluntarily. The fact that the bag is then constantly on public display means that the brand advertised on it will be recognised by others – as long as the bag stands out with generous advertising and is a real eye-catcher.

Whichever of the forms of marketing described above is chosen, both licensing and brand transfer boost the sales of already well-known brands. The goal is always to increase both sales and brand recognition. A merchandising bag from HALFAR® is ideal for this, as the user can use it every day and enjoy it for a long time – often an important criterion for them in itself.

This ultimately has a positive effect on customer loyalty and trust in the brand, so customers who have had good experience with the bag will choose further products from the company, thus further expressing their loyalty. Or they might recommend their favourite products to their friends, boosting your company's image at the same time.

Another positive side effect is that, when the customer carries the bag or backpack, other (potential) customers become aware of the brand either consciously or subconsciously. The more striking the design, the more it will be seen by others. HALFAR® offers you plenty of options for applying advertising here. If the bag itself is also striking thanks to a special design, the customer will think of it as soon as he sees the logo next time he is out shopping and ideally will choose the brand he has seen on the bag.

How do I find the right merchandising bag?

A bag that is used as a merchandising item needs to meet various criteria if it is also to be perceived as a promotional item by others. The bag needs to match the company in question in terms of quality, price and style. HALFAR® offers a wide range of bags and backpacks in various shapes and colours. The choice is yours! Even if you want to make changes to the designs or colours in our existing range of bags, we will be happy to offer you custom production of your individual merchandising bag. You also have the option of using your own materials for your bag, giving it a truly extraordinary character. One thing is certain: the bag will immediately attract attention and put your brand in the spotlight.

The bag should also be of premium quality, to ensure that the end user gains a positive impression of the companies whose logo he is carrying around on his bag. At HALFAR® you will find a wide range of bags and backpacks that are ideal for use as merchandising products.

Our experts from the promotional bags team will be happy to help you choose the right bag.

What options for applying advertising are suitable for merchandising bags?

To ensure the best possible brand recognition, the logo needs to be positioned visibly on an attractive and high-quality bag. We offer numerous options for applying advertising.

Digital printing, for example, it ideal for an extremely colourful and striking motif or logo. On the Original LorryBags® from HALFAR®, the motif can be positioned across the whole area, allowing the entire bag to be used as advertising space. Your print motif can also be represented in a striking way using screen printing. You also have the option of applying your logo to the merchandising bag with the help of embroidery or a digitally printed label. The main thing to think about when choosing how to apply the advertising message is whether it matches the bag and especially the company or brand. Our promotional bags team can give you excellent advice here.

Are you planning your next merchandising campaign at the moment? Do you want to be a step ahead of your competitors? With an individual bag from the specialist HALFAR®, you can make sure all eyes are on you. Your fans and customers will have you with them wherever they go, be it at university, at the gym or just when walking around town. Your brand will be recognised everywhere. Have a browse in our bag finder. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

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