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Smartphone or tablet covers decorated with your company logo

There is hardly anything picked up as much every day as a smartphone. Hardly any other item gets the same undivided positive attention as this device: Attention that can be used by applying an advertising message directly to the mobile phone. A customised, printed or embroidered mobile phone cover makes the perfect choice. It is not only directly connected to the mobile phone, but also brings an additional benefit: A protective cover for the smartphone. Therefore, promotional items commonly referred to as the mobile-sleeve are readily used and classified as positive and effective.

The mobile as well as the tablet are playing an increasingly important role – especially for groups with an affinity to technology, such as business customers. A printed mobile cover is also practical and is readily used. Such a tablet sleeve also contributes to the idea of having a matching set, thus supplementing the customised smartphone cover and strengthening the impact of advertising even further.

What makes a printed mobile phone cover into a successful promotional item?

With a turnover volume of approx. 3.5 billion euros annually, promotional items rank amongst the top categories of the communication industry. Studies have been able to prove this of late. Advertisers, who actively decide on the use of promotional materials, must make careful choices as not every promotional material is a good advertising medium. It is important that the product used is original, of high quality and practical in its use in order to be successful. Specifically this means: The article should be matched to the needs, ideals and tastes of the target group and, above that, have a use in everyday life; the more often and more intensely the better.

The right cover or bag for the smartphone or tablet computer

Before you decide on customised printed mobile phone cover as a promotional item you need to choose the best material as well as the correct size. There are covers for most of the current smartphone models in appropriate sizes on the market. It is easy for the private purchaser: He selects the appropriate cover in a specialist shop by telling them which mobile phone he has. Something similar applies to printed tablet covers, which also are available depending on the size of the appliance.

What do you do, however, if you want to use a customised printed or embroidered smartphone cover as promotional item? After all, who knows which type of smartphone his customers use? So if you do not know the individual size of devices owned by future users, you can help yourself by choosing so-called combination sizes. These are mobile covers that are not exactly fitted to the dimensions of an appliance, but work as in-between size for two types of appliance. The advertiser is also well advised to take a second cover as well, which is suitable for larger appliances. If, for example, the mobile phone cover is subsequent handed out by external reps, they always have a larger size in reserve.

It is simple, however, when a company wants to order so-called corporate covers for its own employees. The device sizes are known and it is easy to choose the appropriate cover for everyone.

Which material is best for customising print or embroidery for the appliance cover?

Nylon, polyester, tarpaulin, felt, wool and, and, and…A variety of materials are used for the production of printed or embroidered smartphone and tablet covers. In principle anything is allowed that appeals. Apart from a pleasant feel and nice design, a sufficient protective function for the appliance plays an important role. In its own range, HALFAR® offers smartphone and tablet covers made of synthetic felt; a material that protects the appliances with its cushioning properties. Furthermore, it lends itself very well to decorating promotional items such as by embroidery or transfer print.

Apart from felt, other materials are also suitable of course. HALFAR®’s individua-
lised bespoke bags
allow customers to obtain their required materials and also implement their own design ideas. As specialist for promotional bags HALFAR® can develop and implement individualised solutions with regards to design, material and use. Smartphone or tablet covers can therefore also be made out of truck tarpaulin, such as the high quality printed tarpaulin bags by HALFAR®. Polyester can also be used for printed sports bags or high-end premium bags. Moreover, high quality nylon materials or imitation leather, as used for making retro bags for example, are a good choice. The HALFAR® Team is happy to advise you on all of the options.

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