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Nonwoven bags individually printed

Proper bags: a lightweight, decorative free gift

For a designer blouse from a boutique. For delicious treats from a delicatessen. For trainers from a sports store. For catalogues and information at a trade fair. Nonwoven promotional bags can do it all. Practical and brand-appropriate. They make it easy for customers to carry their goods, while offering the company an opportunity to promote the brand while handing over the items. The effect is much higher-quality than plastic bags, largely thanks to their fabric-like look and feel. But the bags are still a free gift that is very cheap to produce.

What is a nonwoven bag?

The attractive price of these bags is thanks to their material. Nonwoven promotional bags are made from polypropylene (PP) synthetic fibres. Apart from paper, they are considered the best-value starting material for the professional production of bags and promotional items. Unlike in traditional textiles production, the nonwoven material is not woven, but moulded or pressed. It is most popularly used for low-cost printed tote bags, drawstring bags and customized trade fair bags. Its homogeneous surface makes it easy to print or embroider. A more complex process allows it to be laminated or coated in order to decorate it with brilliant printed images.

The PP bag or R-PET nonwoven bag

The R-PET nonwoven bag is a very popular choice among customers. This material is made using used PET bottles as a recycled raw material. The weight of the bags can also vary in line with customer requirements – in practice from 80 to 120 g. Cosmetic bags, toilet bags, lightweight promotional sports bags and backpacks are just some examples of bags that can be made from nonwoven or R-PET. Various designs and cuts are possible. We would be happy to advise you on the design of your promotional bags.

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