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What is a LorryBag® Modul?

This tarpaulin bag is partly pre-produced, and therefore is a lower priced variation of the LorryBag® Original. The corpus is available in a standardised selection of colours in this version, while the flap of the LorryBag® Modul can be chosen freely from the 43 tarpaulin colours - as with the LorryBag® Original. Original German lorry tarpaulin is used for the flap, whereas an Asian tarpaulin variant is used for the corpus. Slight variations in the surface structure and the haptics are possible due to this.

Features of the LorryBag® Modul 1

The LorryBag® Modul 1 features a flat slip-in pocket, a mobile phone pocket and a pen holder. It is not possible to change the standardised corpus in Europe at a later stage.

Features of the LorryBag® Modul 2

The LorryBag® Modul 2 is the special version for Notebooks and Smartphones. As well as the compartments for the technical equipment, it also offers various slip-in pockets, a reinforced base and an extra wide adjustable shoulder strap. It is not possible to change the standardised corpus in Europe at a later stage.

Bag modules

The LorryBag® Modul bears the "Assembled in EU" label. These tarpaulin bags are an integral part of the HALFAR® bag modules in which pre-produced components are combined and completed to customer specifications. Instead of tarpaulin, HALFAR® also offers an array of alternative materials such as felt, polyester or nylon. Special requests are also possible, for example the use of the customer's own materials - on the condition that they are suitable for the purpose. For more information, please also read Bags made from customer materials.

To find out the differences between the different types of LorryBag®, please see FAQ Which LorryBag® is right for me?

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