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What is a LorryBag® Original?

The LorryBag® Original is the original version of the LorryBag®. This was the start of a huge HALFAR® success with tarpaulin bags as promotional items. The LorryBag® Original is made from German lorry tarpaulin, and every bag is made as an elaborate individual item. That means: The LorryBag® Original is not a stock item. We produce every bag individually according to customer requests.

43 tarpaulin colours, 2 bag types, up to 4 standard sizes

Customers have the choice between two bag types in 4 standard sizes. A total of 43 colours are available for the design of the LorryBag® Original. A LorryBag® Original can be made from one tarpaulin colour or be sewn together from different coloured parts. For example, you can separately select the flap exterior, the flap interior, the side walls with the base, the front and rear sides of the corpus, and the fasteners etc. There are also various options available for the binding and the strap. Normally the minimum order size is 50 bags.

Application of advertising

Classic silkscreen printing, digital printing, embroidery, rubber badges, woven labels, metal emblems, digital printed labels and individual gift boxes are all possibilities for the application of advertising. Digital prints are extremely popular for brilliant images.

Standard features and extras

Every LorryBag® Original 1 includes a main compartment, a Velcro fastener and an adjustable anti-slip strap. Many further equipment elements can be freely configured - extras such as mobile phone pockets, front pockets, separators, slip-in pockets, and even sewn shoulder pads.

Every LorryBag® Original 2 offers you a main compartment with a push-fit clasp, a notebook compartment, a Smartphone pocket, various slip-in pockets and an extra wide adjustable shoulder strap as standard. This version can also be individually designed with many details.

HALFAR® will realise special requests even with a minimum order size of 50 pieces. The LorryBag® Original is produced in Europe and is supplied with the corresponding label. The LorryBag® Original normally has a delivery time of approx. 4 to 6 weeks after clarification of the order. With quantities of 1,000 pieces and more, an Asian produced LorryBag® is the rational solution for price reasons. Here, too, diverse special requests for colours, sizes and refinements can be taken into account.

To find out the differences between the different types of LorryBag®, please see FAQ Which LorryBag® is right for me?

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