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Benefit from big reductions on our promotional bags, in stock now in our online sale. We are the promotional bag specialists with one of Europe's biggest and most important ranges, with more than 180 models in many colours. We are constantly expanding the range and presenting new bag innovations, which also means that we discount certain bags and backpacks, such as discontinued items and excess production. All in top quality, these models are now available and in stock, often with big price reductions. The offer applies while stocks last. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the items shown on this page are still available. You can gain an overview of all reduced bags and backpacks in the HALFAR® sale at the link above.

We have put together a few frequently asked questions (and the answers!) on reduced promotional bags for you here.

Does the manufacturer's guarantee also apply to the purchase of reduced promotional bags?

Manufucturer's guarantee for reduced promotional bags
3 years guarantee for reduced bags

Yes, customers enjoy a manufacturer's guarantee of three years when they purchase an original HALFAR® bag. This guarantee extends to all HALFAR® bags, regardless of whether or not the items are in the active range. Bags and backpacks that we offer at reduced prices because they have been discontinued or because of excess production are covered by the full guarantee. However, we retain the right to exclude certain items from the guarantee. In this case, this will be clearly indicated. It does not usually apply to the items offered here.

Is the quality of reduced bags and backpacks impaired in any way?

Quality of reduced bags

The promotional bags offered at reduced prices here are of top quality that is not impaired in any way. They are usually items that have been discontinued in the current range and are being sold from stock. This gives our customers the chance to purchase high-quality bags and backpacks at an extremely good price-performance ratio.

Do reduced promo bags meet the latest trends?

Not all promotional bags are fashion bags. While fashion usually sees four changes of collection every year, promotional bags are only very loosely based on this.

The latest fashion trends do have an influence on the colour and design, but only up to a point. When it comes to colour, promotional items tend to be based more on common CI colours for companies or are kept neutral, such as black or white, so that they match the customers' logo colours better. In terms of shape and overall design, the trends for bags and accessories last a lot longer than those for clothes, so customers do not need to worry about buying promotional bags at reduced prices. All that counts is that you like them.

Does HALFAR® personalize reduced promotional bags?

Finishing of reduced bags

As a manufacturer of bags for promotional purposes and special uses, HALFAR® personalizes all the bags in the range at our own site – needless to say, even reduced goods. The most common decoration techniques include screen printing, embroidery, digital printing and a host of other processes that give the customer the opportunity to decorate their individual promotional bags however they like. You can find detailed information on the topic of logo application and decoration here.

Do the listed items meet the laws on marketability?

HALFAR® bags and backpacks are always produced in line with the relevant laws and directives. You can find more information under the links listed.

We guarantee every item's marketability, regardless of whether it is in the active range or has been discontinued.

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