Retro bags and vintage bags as promotional items

Advertising in the 70s retro look

It is a child of the 60s and 70s: the bag made of synthetic leather in an almost minimalist square design with a zip at the top, the white piping and the typically flashy colours of the era. It became particularly well known with the PAN AM logo. It served as a stewardess bag at a time when flying was reserved for the wealthier and had something glamorous about it. The stewardesses used their "Air Line Bag" for personal items on board. But things did not stop there: this bag was probably one of the very first promotional bags. Because PAN AM also gave it to customers as a gift. Other airlines followed suit and sport brands successfully brought the bags onto the mass market. The thing that was en vogue at the time is now in demand once again thanks to the new retro wave…

retro bags:

Some people call it vintage, other heritage, retro or revival: the certain thing is that lots of well known designs from past decades are now being recreated. There was a wealth of possible iconic role models in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s - and bags are no exception.

The stewardess bags we mentioned are just example of many. Over the course of time, more and more designs and models were developed - often using a very popular material at the time, namely PVC. Nowadays synthetic leather does not need PVC and can be manufactured from supple PU leather.

Retro – what is that actually?

The German Duden dictionary explains retro as follows: Emulation of elements of former style directions in music, design or similar. This means that objects with a retro character do not actually come from the period - they simply imitate them and therefore do not necessarily have to correspond 100% with the original – citations and associations are sufficient.

Nowadays retro itself has become a fashion. There are different opinions on why this view of the past is so attractive. They extend from glorification in the style of "everything was better before" to subtle consumer criticism against the modern dictation of innovation or even a collective emotionalisation with respect to certain events and experiences that have an iconic status. Is vintage or retro therefore an ironic interpretation, a playful fashion statement or a deep longing for values from childhood? The people with money to spend nowadays were certainly children in the 70s to 90s and therefore had a special emotional link to music, fashion and culture at the time.

Retro always means communicating something that has long been familiar and finding a common denominator, therefore providing everyday items, such as bags for example, with a special sense of feeling and value. This makes retro bags especially interesting for advertising.

Bags with an iconic aspect as promotional items

Bags make very good advertising materials. They have a likeable appearance, very good options for print application - from subtle to striking - and have strong, everyday and long-term benefits. As proven by surveys and studies*, promotional bags are kept by the recipient foralmost seven months on average.

Months in use

* American study on behalf of ASI in 2006, ASI Impressions Study

One special quality of the bag as a promotional item is its haptics. It ensures a particularly high recollection of the advert as a medium you can hold and feel.

The emotional effect is important for any advertising material: how strong is identification with the item? Which associations and feelings does it evoke? Retro bags have a special potential. The retro phenomenon ensures:

    • strong identification
    • good attention
    • likeability
    • long-term use

Retro bags for promotions

Promotional items work best when they are strategically integrated in a campaign concept in a clever way. This means that a promotional bag can play an outstanding role or implement a promotion successfully if they are used correctly. At the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

Retro bags exude their very own charm. They are popular across almost all age groups.

Vintage bag for promotions

Lots of companies use vintage promotional items successfully to…

  • …remind people of the roots of a brand
  • …communicate authenticity and character
  • …be perceived to be different, exciting and contemporary

Retro bags as a premium

Identification, authenticity, originality – factors that play a special role in bags in the "old" style. And one reason why retro bags can be used very well as premiums.

They create a direct link via associations and recollections – from the individual user to their bag but also within the group of all those carrying this bag. It becomes a "code" or a sign of affiliation.

Occasions when retro bags can be used as premiums for employees, members and customers:
    • Anniversary
    • Product relaunch
    • New editions of former brands/products
    • Kick-off events
    • Stock market flotation
    • Specific company successes and events

Retro bags in merchandising

Identification is everything in advertising. Whether as a fan or supporter of a club or a brand: the recollection of a story experienced together and solidarity can be expressed very well with a merchandising bag in vintage style.

This means merchandising can be impressively implemented in many areas for:

  • Sport clubs
  • City marketing
  • Product brands
  • Films, comics, stars, games
  • etc.

Selection from the HALFAR® range

RETRO series. This collection design is closely based on the classic stewardess bag. With three models, it offers a good selection for different target groups and uses. From the classic shoulder bag and a wash bag to an individual sports and travel bag reminiscent of the traditional bowling bag. All bags are made of PVC-free PU synthetic leather and have various features, depending on the model, from zipped pockets to length adjustable shoulder straps and carrying handles to organizer elements.

The RETRO shoulder bag is a specific HALFAR® development of the classic stewardess bag. It also has a flap, which is perfect for applying an advert. It is retro, with a contemporary interpretation, with old charm in a new form.

With our JOURNEY series you will travel stylishly. The shoulder bag as well as the travel bag are made from robust canvas and their retro llok will surely convince every vintage enthusiast. Some embellishments made from brown faux velour leather or the metal buckles are highlighting the JOURNEY series by HALFAR® and gives the two classic an urban and modern look. That's how we love travelling!

SPORT series. Jane Fonda brought aerobics to the living room with leggings, leg warmers and sweat bands, Boris Becker swung his way to success at Wimbledon and Magnum chased criminals in Hawaii in a red Ferrari: welcome to the 80s. The SPORT bag series picks up on the colour and design language of the era.

The perfect print application

Stylish bags require stylish advert applications. Retro bags look particularly professional with retro logos. Lots of companies use their own Corporate Design from the 60s/70s – especially if they want to remind others of these times. Others simply develop a suitable logo or modify the current one accordingly.

Decoration of retro bags

Classic silkscreen printing is recommended for print application. This is strongly reminiscent of the logo looks on the original 60s and 70s airline bags and therefore makes a particularly authentic impression. However, embroidery, metal emblems and digital print can also be used - always depending on the bag, material and advertising message.

The choice of material

Alongside practical aspects such as benefits and quality, retro bags are generally perceived to be very fashionable and stylish. The shape and colour design is therefore important. Of course, the right choice of material plays an essential role.

PU synthetic leather without PVC
The material PVC was especially popular in the 70s. The modern interpretation is: PU synthetic leather, PVC-free. Just like this material, all materials used by HALFAR® correspond with current legislation (REACH and others) and can be used without concern.

Synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon
Alongside PU, HALFAR® also uses polyester or nylon for its retro bags. The advantages of these synthetic fibres: they are lightweight, uncomplicated and they dry quickly. They are available in different looks and qualities from matt to shiny, smooth to structured and elastic to tear-proof. Furthermore, they also accentuate colours very well.

PVC free bags

Velours appears velvety due to its fluffy surface and gives bags a beautiful, high quality feel. HALFAR® uses it primarily as accentuation e.g. on the COUNTRY bag series, where it reminds us of suede leather.

Truck tarpaulin
From a purely practical point of view, tarpaulin is a very robust, tear resistant and weatherproof material. In terms of design, it is a trend material that once came from industrial use and is now used for private purposes as well. HALFAR® only uses new tarpaulin, which is available in a very large range of colours.

Choice of material for retro bags

Retro bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
Our company film reveals what makes Retro bags from HALFAR® so special.

Your Retro bags - from production to delivery

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