Printed seminar bags as a promotional item

Also pack boring contents in an exciting manner

Printed seminar bags add colour to every event – be it a workshop, seminar, university lecture or corporate event. Because, as advertising items, not only do they present brands and companies in an exemplary and professional manner; they also offer the participants a large number of practical functions. Depending on which HALFAR® seminar bag you select as a promotional item.

Important for Seminar Bags

Because not every bag is suited as a seminar bag. The matching size and a corresponding format are of primary importance: A4 documents such as spiral-bound notepads should definitely fit into the bag. For some events, sufficient storage space for files or catalogues could be helpful. In addition, a number of different compartments that keep the documents in order is also desirable, as well as holders for pens and compartments for business cards, etc. Of course the seminar bag can simultaneously serve as a laptop bag and provide a padded compartment for notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and more. Ideal comfort is offered by a seminar bag with carrying handles, as well as a length-adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad.

We briefly present you a small selection of appropriate bags for congresses from the HALFAR® assortment here.

1 // Congress and Seminar Bag BASIC

Everything that a solid seminar bag requires, in a large selection of colours – and at an excellent price-performance ratio.

2 // Event and Seminar Bag BASIC

A minimalist bag with a striking design – this is ensured by the around the corner zipper. Thanks to its broad opening, A4 documents are also easy to pack in. A fresh, youthful bag, at a surprisingly inexpensive price.

3 // Congress and Seminar Bag SOLUTION

A variety of colours, beautiful details and a number of features ensure that SOLUTION is a well-received guest at every seminar. With plenty of storage space and a large print area.

Individual Decoration of Conference Bags with Your Logo

Regardless of which bag you select for yourself, in each case, all seminar bags offer generous printing areas for an individual decoration by means of print or embroidery – the possibilities vary, depending on the model and material. As promotional bags, especially these bags are suited for seminars, congresses or for the university. After all, people with similar interests meet here. For many products and performances, they thus constitute a good target group, which can be addressed in a pleasant manner via a bag. An additional benefit of the printed bag as a promotional medium is found in their sustainability. Because, due to their quality, HALFAR® bags are used over a longer period, sometimes even over years, and they thus continue to advertise. At the very least, their impact continues far beyond the event of the seminar or the event.

The promotional bags team would be happy to advise you on conference bags with print or embroidery.

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