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Better shopping with promotional effect

Promotional bags like shoppers, individually printed tote bags and baskets are among the five most popular promotional items. A study1 from 2014 showed that the association between the promotional message and the bearer is generally very high with advertising media: 85% of those surveyed remember the company advertised. The haptic experience plays a vital role here. After all, in contrast to other forms of advertising, promotional items like individualized shopping bags allow the brand and advertising to be felt and experienced. In short, they are advertisements you can touch. When users of promotional items are asked what they think is particularly important, they most commonly say usefulness and quality – expectations that shopping bags and baskets fulfil excellently. After all, they are extremely practical and useful helpers in everyday life.

1 ASI Impressions Study 2014

what’s what of
shopping bags

Tote bags/
shopping bags

What is a shopping or tote bag actually? This term does not have a precise definition but it usually refers to a shoulder bag with your logo or an individualized basket. It should not be mistaken for a carrier bag, which is a more simple solution for spontaneous purchases.

A shopping or tote bag should be spacious in order to offer as much space as possible for purchases. There are hardly any limits with respect to size and shape. However, the size of shopping bags rarely exceeds 44 x 37 cm. The carrying handles are usually designed so they can be used as both a handle and shoulder strap - to be carried efficiently and carefully. The large volume and capacity of the shopping bag is therefore key and are its distinguishing benefits.

Where shoppers are used as advertising media

The multi-talent bag: for grocery shopping, shopping, exhibitions or the beach...
There is also a difference depending on what is being "shopped". Clothing and consumer items required a rather large bag, food and sensitive products are safer in a personalized basket and frozen food or other cold items remain fresh in a printed cool bag. Alongside all of these possibilities, a custom printed shopping bag is also open for other types of use - and thanks to its large volume, it is a real "multi-talent" as a bag.

Shopping bags as exhibition bags / promotional bags…
Exhibition or shopping - the demands on the bag are similar. As many documents as possible need to be carried at an exhibition and the comfort level should be as high as possible. Our exhibition bags are an additional benefit!

… as a beach bag or swimming bag
Beach towel, sun cream, books, ball game... a bags needs to be able to take a lot for fun at the beach. Combined with a beautiful, summery look a shopping bag quickly becomes a beach bag!

… or as a picnic bag
When delicious sandwiches or food for the barbecue need to be packed, we've arrived at the picnic bag!

Shopping bags with particular functions

The fold-up shopper
So practical when a shopping bag can be both: very spacious for big shops and tiny for carrying just in case. Personlaized fold-up shoppers and shopping bags are ideal for meeting these demands. They can be folded up very small and flat, and some of them can even be packed away in their own front pouch. Then they can make a big entrance as a second bag when needed.

The shopping basket
Unfold, go shopping and carry your shopping safely home. Quite simple with the shopping basket. And in the front zipper pocket you can store your keys, purse and the shopping list safely and find them easily when needed.

The backpack shopper
Why not carry shopping conveniently on your back? Some printed shopping bags also offer this carrying option in addition to handles or shoulder straps.

The shopping basket
A shopping basket is an especially good choice for shopping that is easily squashed, such as fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs. The modern versions of baskets are made from textiles and are particularly light thanks to their aluminium frames. These baskets are available in a wide range of colours and options and can be decorated in different ways.

Your printed cooler or shopping bag

It might be a matter of taste or have a technical reason for whether your individual bag should be printed or embroidered.

Embroidery is recommended if the lettering should be raised. However, not all motifs can be embroidered due to the grid pattern. The material of the bag ultimately plays a role in the decoration possibilities. As a manufacturer of bags and

backpacks as promotional items, we at HALFAR® occupy ourselves intensively with the techniques for print application. We can carry our most of the method directly within our company.

Decoration of shopping bags
Decoration of shopping bags

We have decoration experts and the necessary technology under one roof at our headquarters in Bielefeld:

Where HALFAR® produces shopping bags

HALFAR® produces its shopping bags together with long-standing partners in China. Production takes place under strict quality controls. The social conditions also play a key role in the choice of production facilities. As a member of the amfori BSCI, HALFAR® has long been involved in continuing to improve working conditions on the ground. As well as production in Asia, HALFAR® also has production capacity at its own site in Germany, and in the Czech Republic and Romania. At these two European sites in particular, the company produces custom designs with special quality requirements and lower batch sizes.

Productions sites of Halfar bags

Materials and specific requirements

Choosing the right material is fundamental for the usefulness and success of a shopping bag as a promotional item.

Choice of material for shopping bags

Attractive haptics.
Interesting and premium-quality haptics, i.e. a material that feels nice, leads to products being used every day. This supports the bag’s advertising effect. Studies show that the haptic effect of promotional items is particularly significant. Read more in the representative study on the promotional effect of promotional items.

Bags are everyday objects and should be used for as long as possible, for a long-lasting and sustainable promotional effect. That is why HALFAR® chooses the material based on its suitability for long use.

Decoration available.
Right from the conception of every individual bag in the range, HALFAR® pays attention to one – or more – easily visible advertising areas on the bag and to materials that are especially suited to the application of a promotional message.

As well as classic materials, HALFAR® also offers shopping bags in the premium range, such as those made from felt.

Easy care.
When costomized bags are used for shopping, this has a particularly wide range of effects on the material used. That is why it is important to use materials that are easy to care for. Synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester are ideal, as they are easy to clean with water and a soft sponge, as well as offering multi-faceted options for logo depiction.

As well as commonly-used materials such as polyester and nylon, the good-value material nonwoven is also frequently used for shopping bags. Its role is particularly in mass production for retail. Nonwoven is a material that is not produced by weaving. Instead, the starting material is milled in production and usually has a shaped structure. Trade fair bags are also often made from this material. HALFAR® produces non-woven bags in individual production as drop-shipping from a minimum batch size of 5,000.

Shopping bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag creators
Our company film reveals what makes Shopping bags from HALFAR® so special.

Your Shopping bags - from production to delivery

Here you can find information on the entire process from development and production through to delivery of your Shopping bags :

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