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Advertisement to carry

The shoulder bag is a real multi-talent. Whether male or female, as a small handbag or courier bag, it casually hangs from the shoulder. This versatility is the reason why it is so popular as an advertising and image bearer for brands and companies.

HALFAR® offers bags to hang around the shoulder in various styles and materials. Cotton, truck tarpaulin or durable nylon? It is simply a question of taste. Some models - produced in European incidentally - can even be personally designed using the bag building kit. There are also no compromises in decoration with logos and advertising messages. Whether it is silkscreen print, transfer print, embossing, doming, metal emblems, digital print labels or 3D emblems - HALFAR® puts your logo on the bag.

Why are shoulder bags successful promotional items?

Studies, like the advertising effect study by Dima market research and the ASI Global Advertising Specialities Impressions Study, prove that promotional items are outstanding tools for marketing communication. The high market penetration and the range of the advertising messages are particularly at the forefront.

Bags and backpacks generally convince with their presence, their positive, friendly image, their practical uses in everyday life and their good functionality. They open up very different possibilities for placement of the advertising message, like hardly any other product can achieve. Nowadays, they are almost irreplaceable as promotional items.

Promotional items also offer a three-dimensional level in contrast to classic forms of advertising. This means they are concrete and tangible and therefore provide the so-called "haptic effect". As we now know from neurological research, the memory effect can be increased strongly by a haptic impression. This is a big advantage for promotional items such as bags.

Range of coverage on an average day

Using potential correctly

Promotional items such as individually printed bags have the potential to achieve sustainable success in corporate communication. However, there are several requirements and basic rules to consider.

Perfect integration:
Plan the use of promotional items and adapt the character and message to suit your concept. The promotional bag should ideally be professionally integrated in an advertising strategy.

Very good suitability:
The qualities of the promotional items are important in order to make full use of the possibilities as a marketing tool. The fundamental requirements of promotional items are:

Practical benefits in everyday life

Good functionality

Good design, attractive look


High quality

Appropriate advertising message

On which occasions are shoulder bags used for advertising?

Shoulder bags are still the classic choice, alongside backpacks, in the bag segment and therefore promise very good possibilities for use. HALFAR® therefore offers a very extensive range of shoulder bags and also offers several specialisation options such as notebook bags, printed business bags, cool bags with your own logoconference bags and many more.

We are aware of the following types areas of use for shoulder bags from our customers' practical experience:

Area of use, place



Employee gift

Designed according to marketing viewpoints using the company's Corporate Design guidelines.

Not too unusual - bags may need to be liked by a large workforce

Material, finish and quality correspond with the appreciation of employees

Advertising message is not too predominant

Reinforce the sense of belonging among employees

Express appreciation of employees

Create a link between working and private life

Incentive systems for customers and/or employees

See employee present

Reward for work and performance

Conference, seminar or congress

Favourable design possibly for an inhomogeneous target group

Enough space for documents

This type of bag is often extensively provided with one or more advertising messages, therefore please pay attention to a sufficient print area!

Perfect for carrying documents or items

Positive memory of a good and interesting event

Likeability factor for the event

Employee product

Supports work, possibly as a laptop bag

Standardised look, homogenous use

Customer present, Christmas present, reward for work, token of appreciation after customer visit

Properties specific to the target group if possible, knowledge of the person, preferences, taste, uses and hobbies


Positive memory, long-lasting advertising effect

New customer acquisition, customer loyalty, winning back customers

Product characteristics to suit the target group

A clear strategic and contextual relationship to general communication

Values and features correspond with the customer

Print application adapted to the situation, brand statement in the look (also applies to other points)

Positive surprise

Merchandising programs

Design, perceived value, emotions, product statement in harmony with overall merchandising

High recollection value, possible cult status or expression of feeling of belonging

Trade fair, exhibition

Comfortable to carry

Suitable for the transport of documents

Usually a low cost product due to high volumes

Advertising statement, colour, features suit the company/occasion

Bold advertising message with good distribution

Events, sponsoring

To suit the occasion, event or company

Enough space for documents depending on the event

Sufficient advertising space when several sponsors are represented

Positive memory of the event, practical companion for documents

Which different types of shoulder bags are there?

It is all about the right finish and choice of material!

As promotional items, shoulder bags transport the company's image. This means that the finishing quality and materials of the bag should correspond with the image and demands of the company – and ultimately convince and impress the recipient in the long-term. There are also corresponding bag models in the appropriate quality for limited budgets and high volumes.

Shoulder strap

As promotional items, shoulder bags transport the company's image. This means that the finishing quality and materials of the bag should correspond with the image and demands of the company – and ultimately convince and impress the recipient in the long-term. There are also corresponding bag models in the appropriate quality for limited budgets and high volumes.

Zipper compartment

Emotions – the key to good advertising

Not only the choice of the right product in terms of use, properties and target group suitability are important in order to achieve the required success. A promotional item with a sustainable effect is only created with the perfect symbiosis of the message and bag. In contrast to undecorated bags (often found in premium systems) certain parameters have to be considered when placing an logo. We are pleased to answer some of our customers' frequently asked questions here:

"Which method can I use to present my advertising message in the best way?"

Colour grades and line thickness are specifically differentiated to achieve the required solution. 

HALFAR® can offer the appropriate technology in-house for almost all requirements.

"Should we present the logo predominantly or more subtly?"

We can generally say that the print or embroidery on exhibition bags, as well as particularly trendy brands, can be more predominant. Bags as premiums or employee gifts should be more subtle.

"Should the message even be applied to be concealed so that it is only subversively noticed by the user?"

We recommend this for very high quality brands that prefer a certain level of understatement or for premiums and employee gifts.

"Can we possibly provide the print application with an effect?"

Yes, you can achieve a decoration with a unique wow-effect by using different techniques such as 3D effects or doming.

"Can logos also be shown in a more unconventional way, such as in the cut?"

A motif cut is generally possible if the material is printed before sewing e.g. with HALFAR® modular bags and, of course, special editions.

Legal framework

The following laws (among others) apply to our products (material):

Legal framework

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