Trolleys as promotional items

How bags learned to walk...

Trolleys? Suitcases with wheels? A few years ago people had to carry their bags and suitcases. Now this is hardly imaginable thanks to the invention of trolleys. Be it at train stations, airports or in supermarkets - trolleys are everywhere. As they are this popular and to be seen everywhere, trolleys make an ideal promotional item. The suitcase with wheels can be individually decorated with print or embroidery, and becomes a mobile advertisement with real value. The stable handle, the easy-run wheels and the trolley's suitable packing dimensions are all key. HALFAR® offers a good selection of trolleys as promotional items with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Trolleys - can be used for almost everything

The trolleys and suitcases on wheels are available for the most wide-ranging occasions and in the most varied sizes, formats, shapes and colours. As a laptop trolley for business, a shopping trolley (also known as a "Porsche heel") for shopping, as luggage for holidays or as a school bag on wheels. The suitcase on wheels is simply practical and takes the pain away from heavy luggage. The HALFAR® is happy to advise you on how you can get your advertising on the move with a trolley as a promotional item.

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