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You don’t just find sustainability in HALFAR® products – such as in our bags made of organic cotton. Above all, sustainability is also intrinsic to our actions, our processes and convictions. Our initiatives in this area cover a broad spectrum. Therefore, we are committed to the protection of the environment and climate as well as finding a balance between ecology, economy and social aspects.

Examples of sustainable actions

HALFAR® is a voluntary member of the amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and is committed to the amfori BSCI code of conduct. Its aims are clearly defined social and environmental standards, which allow working conditions to improve within a globalised economy and allow us to take joint action against child labour.

Additionally, we have been certified in line with DIN ISO 14001:2015 due to the constant development of our environmental management system.

Environment and climate enterprise

We are proud that we have been operating entirely CO2-neutral in Bielefeld since 2017, as we cover the greatest part of our energy requirements with a photovoltaic system and our state-of-the-art pellet heating plant. When we need more power than we can produce ourselves from solar power, we exclusively buy certified extra eco-power. This allows us to manage totally without the use of fossil fuels.

Furthermore, the use of low solvent inks in the digital print shop and the systematic recycling of cut-offs in production shows how sensibly we handle raw materials. Our employees are also happy to get involved themselves: perhaps with the Job-Bike project, with which HALFAR® promotes cycling to work. Another example: our landscaped roof, planted by us. And new measures are being introduced all the time.

Tested materials

We continuously investigate new ways to achieve greater sustainability in production processes and our products themselves. This already begins with the question of what we use to make our bags. So we added organic cotton to our range for 2017 for the first time. Functional, ecologically sensible and kind on resources – all materials we use must now be able to be measured against these criteria. With our quality concept “Tested Materials”, we guarantee their safety and legal conformity in accordance with EU guidelines such as LFGB and REACH.

However, the focus is not only on the low pollution level, but design and functionality also play a role when considering the issue of sustainability. After all, the more useful and beautiful the customer views a bag to be, the more often and longer it will be used – and therefore the more sustainable it becomes.

PVC-free bags

PVC is used in many products today. When we use it for our bags, we only use clean materials, which are low in harmful substances as well marketable and safe and in compliance with legislation. Despite this, we are still looking for alternatives. The use of imitation leather or PU-coated materials is a way in which a balance between strong, durable material and the desired look can be created.

For our initiatives focussing on the environment, we have already received the PSI Sustainability Award, an official reward from industry representatives. Moreover, we have achieved the Ökoprofit certification - an initiative by the state of NRW. We are happy to accept these awards as an incentive to commit ourselves even further.

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