Special bags
…When it comes to the crunch:

Tailored bags for special challenges

Individual, functional and always special: special bags are made for special missions. As tailor-made special bags there are much more than just the solution to a transport or packing problem. They often give the product an added benefit. Whether it is a service bag for doctors or the fire brigade, tool bags for the automobile industry, straps for any number of applications or tailor-made bags for medical technology: individually adapted solutions create more mobility, comfort, organisation, safety and visibility.

Carefully developed special bags can do a lot. They protect. They organise. They keep important things at hand. They improve the application. They give functions a face. And they enable brands to have an appropriate CI presentation with individual print applications. In short: a special bag gives a product completely new qualities.

Use and functions of special bags

As the name says: special bags are tailor-made bags and backpacks. They are always used when there are no standardised products off-the-peg or if they cannot meet the specific requirements. This frequently applies to so-called technical bags for various areas of work and branches: whether it a transport bag, equipment bag for special items of equipment, protective packing bags or functional bags.

Special bags

Our customers often come with a range of different expectations and requirements of "their" bag: they want to pack, protect, present or transport a product. They want to hand it over to customers, partners or employees more professionally or simply package it attractively and give it added value. Standard solutions often do not exist for lots of these wishes.

This is where HALFAR® comes into play as a specialist for individual, high quality and high performance bags. The list of special applications for our bags is long. And this applies to the list of branches and companies we have worked for too. Each day we face unforeseeable challenges, experience new applications and are confronted with branches we knew little about.

Special bags - some examples of applications and references





Electronics industry

Functional bags, holsters

Equipment bags

Mobile data registration devices

Protective bags for electronic devices


Automobile industry

Car logbook folders, tool bags, equipment bags, first aid kits, fluorescent vests, protective bags for compressors

Packing, protecting and transporting automobile related products and equipment



Patient bags

Set for diabetic instruments

Transport and protection of medication and preparations


Measuring and control technology

Equipment and functional bags, transport bags

For measuring devices


Planning & presentation

Transport bags, protective bags

For presentation displays, meta-walls, presentation utensils, mobile measuring systems and displays


Processing industry

Collection bags

For industrially manufactured products


Emergency services

Emergency bags, service bags, equipment bags, stand-by bags, tool bags

Transport of medical equipment and tools


Medical technology

Functional bags, protective and transport bags, trolleys

Packing and protecting sensitive medical devices

Special bags from HALFAR®

Quality and service from the Bielefeld bag makers

Emergency bags and bags for safety equipment: products with which the HALFAR® story began in 1986. With almost 30 years of experience, we are now among the European market leaders. Conceptualisation, development, prototyping and production still take place on-site in Bielefeld today. Find out more in our company film!

Special bag development step-by-step

Step 1: Analysis

Analysis of the requirements for special bags

A thorough analysis launches the bag's development. We draw out an exact image of the expectations in joint talks. The needs of our customers and potential customers, the specific challenges and the possibilities are at the forefront. We base our bag concept on this information. The more detailed background knowledge we have on the planned use, the better we can incorporate individual requirements in project management.

Step 2: Concept and design

What should the dimensions of the bag be, how could it be configured inside and what should it look like? In the concept phase, we intensively look at the options for implementing the customer's requirements in practice. Depending on the task, we use the products to be put inside or product dummies to determine the size. We frequently use visualisations of a possible bag solution in advance to give our customers the opportunity to influence the bag in the design phase. We show the possibilities available as a specialist for logo applications. We carry out decoration possibilities such as embroidery, silkscreen print, digital print, metal emblems or transfer print in-house.

Conceptual design of special bags

Step 3: Samples, prototypes, dummies and more

Samples of special bags

We notice very quickly if we are on the right path with our solution concepts when the first prototype of the special edition bag is in our hands. Lots of general and also very specific questions can be directly answered using a sample.

- Do the products to be packed fit inside and are they easy to take out?
- Does the technical bag fulfil its purpose for use in industry?
- Is the service bag quick enough at hand and intuitive to use?
- Does the bag offer enough storage space?

We can decide together whether further action needs to be taken using a sample, which is ideally filled with real productions and dummies. We produce another sample in case of any doubt. After all, our team of customer advisors, designers and sewers invest lots of time and ideas in the development of the right bag. It should be worth the effort at the end. The production phase starts if the coordination process is completed and the prototype approved. We discuss all of the necessary steps through to logistical issues.

Material – the right choice

Materials for special bags

The bag material - especially for a special bag - is not only interesting with respect to aesthetic and functional aspects. Depending on the purpose of use, legal stipulations also play a role (refer to laws, norms and social compliance). Our experts are available with help and advice when an individual bag material needs to be selected. Whether anti-static, easy to disinfect, low-emissioning, flame-retardant or splash protected - we can rely on a large number of materials. Alongside the common materials like polyester, nylon, tarpaulin and cotton, we also have special materials at hand.

Laws, norms and social compliance

We provide general advice and clarifications if a bag and its purpose of use requires certain laws, directives and norms – such as with respect to the chemical contents. Our own framework conditions formulated, by the company, are also taken into account.

However, we not only have an eye on the quality of

bags, but also on the quality of the finishing process. Good working conditions are very important to us as an owner-managed company. Of course this particularly applies to the factories of our production partners in east Europe and China. We have long been a member of amfori BSCI and take our responsibility in this respect very seriously. We are of course pleased to remain at your disposal for any questions or requests.

Production of your special edition bags or backpacks

We have our own production in Germany, at the Bielefeld site, as a manufacturer and importer of special bags. We mainly produce prototypes and samples but also smaller production jobs. We have been maintaining cooperative partnerships with production sites in Rumania and the Czech Republic for a long time now. This is generally where we

produce smaller units for higher quality bags. Based on more than 20 years of important experience with Asia, we work very closely together with our production operations in China. In order to ensure careful production according to specified criteria, we undertake all necessary quality measures directly on-site.

Logo application on special bags

A logo or name does not only improve the recognition of the bag and make it easier to find the owner, but can also make sense from marketing points of view (corresponding with the Corporate Identity / Corporate Design).

In-house we have machines and equipment for classic silkscreen print, embroidery, digital and transfer print as well as metal emblems. We are pleased to advise our customers with respect to the best look

for print application. Ideally, this step should be discussed at the beginning of the project phase because the first prototypes can then show the individual company logo.

Logo on special bags

Service, delivery and logistics

We are the right point of contact in logistical issues as a specialist for customised bags. We do, of course, take on logistical tasks as part of the import and in the event of possible distribution shipping.

We are also pleased to stock products and supply them as required to different addresses in the case of framework or call-off orders.

Logistics of special bags

Delivery times

The delivery times are generally orientated towards the scope of project management, the complexity of production and the order quantity. We calculate a delivery time of approx. 4 – 8 weeks after approval,

and Asian production takes around 12 weeks. Should you have any questions on the subject of special edition bags, just ask us - we are pleased to advise you.

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