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Emergency and medical bags

Ideal bag systems for emergencies

When seconds count, everything has to be right – and the emergency bag is no exception. The work of rescuers, the fire service, the police and special forces all have one thing in common: they all rely on speed and precision in an emergency. Every action needs to be perfectly executed, every item needs to be in its place. The services need to be able to rely on their equipment – in every situation and every deployment. There is barely any other bag system that needs more detailed and professional planning than emergency bags!

The work of emergency and rescue bags

They often transport especially sensitive instruments and devices, so these bags and backpacks need to be very well thought out. Be it medicines, measuring devices or bandages, everything has its own special place. Just as important is the best possible protection of the bag's contents and the comfort of the user. The bag cannot get in the user’s way, but needs to be easy to carry, put down, open and close. It also needs to protect the rescuers sufficiently wherever they are deployed, such as in the dark or in poor visibility. Equipping the bag with special reflective materials and materials in special signal colours can be the solution. Below we give you a few examples of the various deployment fields and the requirements this puts on the bags.

Deployment bags for medical first aid

The emergency or rescue bags are used by first aiders and paramedics both on the street and in mountain rescue, for example. The bag is part of professional first aid and emergency equipment. It transports medical instruments for IV drips and incubation and an ampoule kit. The benefit is immediate access to all necessary medical devices. The logical organisation of the emergency equipment means the bag can even be used blind. Thanks to reflective materials, it keeps the rescuers safe during their deployment, while the handles and shoulder straps are extremely comfortable to carry.

First aid backpack and rescue backpack for the military

Emergency backpacks are primarily used in medical first aid in the armed forces. They are characterised by their robustness and versatility, as they are suitable for a range of deployments. As backpacks, they are also extremely comfortable to carry, even on rough terrain.

Emergency bags for the police and army

As on-call bags, they protect the deployment equipment of police and special forces, which is especially important for their often sensitive and fragile technology. The emergency bags are also available as functional bags, trolleys and device bags, allowing even the most sensitive of equipment to be used in the field.

Developing your individual deployment bag

We have decades of experience in developing and producing deployment bags, so we know what we are talking about. We know the challenges. We take a look at all the devices and instruments. And needless to say, we are open to customers' individual requests. We are happy to involve you in the design phase.

Sample bag construction and production

Once designed, the bag moves quickly on to the sample construction phase. After all, it is not until we have the first sample that you and we can assess whether the development is moving in the right direction. We use your prototype to examine the requirements once again, making improvements and changes where necessary. Once the final sample has been approved, we begin production of your bag for emergency services.

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