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It is an experience familiar to every handyman: the hammer is not where it should be. What to do? With our individually-conceptualised bag systems, we bring order into your life – from nails and files to electric screwdrivers and drills. As a development and production company, we are orientated towards commercial customers who need professional specialist bags for their products and devices. The list of sectors and fields of application we serve is long. But however different the project may seem at first glance, they all ultimately revolve around the same issues:

  • How can I present my products more attractively?
  • Protect them better?
  • Organise them better?
  • Use them in a more time-saving and efficient way?
  • Market them with individual benefits?

We are happy to support and advise you in answering these and other questions. In an efficient process, we work with you to determine the requirements on your specialist bag. Together with you, the first phase of the project is to describe the relevant usage properties and the professional deployment. To do this, we need information on the precise content of your bag, the desired dimensions and weight, and the optimum material.

Tool bags exactly as you want them: individual in their features and corporate design

Needless to say, aspects such as delivery time, quantity, budget and possible logistics requests are all important in the conception and implementation of a suitable bag. Once these points have been determined, we create the initial drawings or visualisations. We address any coordination of the bag with your corporate design very early in the process. If required, we can print, embroider or engrave in house, making us a professional partner in this field, too.

Prototype, bag production and delivery

A sample says more than a thousand drawings: in line with this, producing a prototype at the start of the project is very important. It allows you and us to quickly see whether your expectations have been met or even exceeded, whether changes are needed and whether improvements can be made. Once every detail of the order is clear, we produce your individual tool bags in house or through selected partners in Eastern Europe or Asia. Production takes place in line with the benchmarks of clearly-defined quality management. We are also happy to respond to unusual requests when it comes to logistics. Our modern high-stack storage facility allows us to store our customers’ bags and deliver them as needed.

Material selection – a particular challenge

We are almost always able to fulfil special requests when it comes to material and production. When selecting materials, we stick closely to the statutory regulations, and documentation goes without saying. Where there are special requirements that may go beyond the statutory framework, we ask our customers to inform us as early in the project as possible. Just get in touch – we look forward to meeting your challenges!

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